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  1. just picked up a brand new 2012 kx450f last week and the thing is awsome but i was at the track the other day and was kicking it over and it like skipped when i kicked the kickstart down is that normal once in a while..may sound stupid but been on a 250f for awhile and never had that preoblem and the 2nd question i had was when the bike is running u can hear this weird noise from the air box just wanna make sure that this is all minor things that wont hurt the bike in any way at all ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED THANKS.
  2. Just want to know what everyone did to perfect there carbs on the 09 kx250f my bike is still pretty new i got it before i left on a deployment and am returning in 2 months and would like to know what should i get to fix this bogging problem so what mods jets or anything else so i run try or replace thanks..