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  1. Yes i do not have a manual decomp as the bike came that way. Sounds like i better install one before i start breaking more items. Anyhow what i learnt and what i usually do was to compress the kickstarter lever till i find the sweet spot before going all the way down, thats lifting pressure i supposed? Thanks for all the advice! Perhaps i shall install the decomp soon and start cranking with my hands. By the way im about 180 at 5'10".
  2. Just installed a high comp piston and starting the bike was a bitch. The kick starter lever finally gave way and broke at the joint which allows it to rotate today after i applied my full weight on it. Any advice from anyone with similar experiences?
  3. dfz138

    Broken a bolt

    Thanks mate!
  4. dfz138

    Broken a bolt

    I've broken a bolt on the clutch whilw fastening the springs. Just wondering if i coukd just replace them with any bolts, or would this cause an imbalance to the clutch rotor during my ride?
  5. Currently im taking up a full overhaul and just bought this kit. Any comments on what i should look out for? Its my first time doing a rebore and outting in a new piston kit. Im getting a 86mm high comp piston from amazon! Any idea on what kind of gaskets and oil seals the kit comes with? Noted that their website wasnt really clear on this and the pictures provided by most dealers werent accurate.
  6. dfz138

    Cush Springs behind clutch basket?

    Thanks pal. Sounds like honda needs our money real bad, these clutch baskets are expensive as compared to just springs. I found one for mine at the scrapyard. But those springs are slacking as well.
  7. Had a loose gear shifter problem on my 98 xr4, narrowed down the problem to the shifter shaft and realize I have to take off the entire crankcase to have it replaced. I decided to take on a big overhaul for my trashy bike since its consuming 200ml about every 50miles as well. I open up the clutch and found these springs at the back of the clutch basket. These are cush springs I supposed? Are they supposed to be snug fit or loose? Its the springs at the back of the clutch basket i am referring to, not the clutch springs where you bolt up at the front. I searched high and low regarding this and the only information could obtain was probably the servicing procedures for a vespa cush drive which probably looks the same. I supposed that loose probably meant its time to service the springs, so my question is would it be worthwhile digging up these springs and re-riveting them back or am I better off getting a replacement stock/hinson/wiseco clutch basket. Quite a trashy bike I would say, the person who sold me this bike probably had the transmission not taken apart for the last 14years that the swingarm pivot bolt was frozen. Somehow I managed to got it out after a nasty trashing session by a local shop which left me with a broken clutch cover as well. Glad that they gave me a free replacement pivot bolt.
  8. dfz138

    Float height issues

    yeah because I got it second hand, so had decided to take it apart and there was indeed dirt within. Anyway no issues with the float needle and the tip is not worn yet. I do not experience any overflowing carb when if I left the pet cock on overnight. So my guess is probably me worry too much with that tilt when its actually fine! I think its fine now. Thanks all
  9. dfz138

    Float height issues

    Thanks! Will try out the last part later, seems helpful
  10. dfz138

    Float height issues

    Hi all, I just need a little help here, kinda screw up while experimenting on my drz400sm. Took out my carb to clean last week and I might had accidentally adjusted the tang, as fuel pours out of the overflow tube when i tilt the bike to about 45degrees off ground after assembling. I tried adjusting the float back to the original position (12 to 14mm) as stated on the manual, it was really difficult checking the float height! My estimate using my ruler is that its already between 12mm to 14mm and also fuel does not pour out at 45degrees tilt now, however I am really not sure So I have a few questions swirling round my mind: 1. Is it that easy to bend by just touching it? Or do I have to use a little brute force to actually "bend" the tang? 2. Does the float height changes the position of the fuel screw? 3. Is it normal that fuel pours out of the overflow tube at about 45degs tilt? 4. Adjusting the fuel screw was a headache, it is really hard to tell when is the PEAK RPM, any better method other than hearing for it? THANK YOU!
  11. dfz138

    First Wheelie/Stoppie

    watch youtube videos.
  12. dfz138

    Throttle opens with handlebar turned right...

    Agreed, chances are the routing being too tight. Try changing the throttle cable routing and add a little lube along the outer sleeve of the cables so they can slide well when your bars turn.