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  1. skinnybob

    Think you ride hard

    That's just insane!
  2. skinnybob

    Jetting for 10,000 -13,000 feet

    About the only one near Turquise is gonna be hagerman, years ago you used to be able to ride the timberline trail, but it's been closed, and i'm not sure if it's still open but the trail to bear lake used to be alright.
  3. skinnybob

    Jetting for 10,000 -13,000 feet

    You can ride all the way over almost to Basalt.
  4. skinnybob

    Why are 4-Strokes Hard to Start??

    +1 even with proper technique my klx450r was a bear to start, jetted it with the Jd jetting kit, now it'll start 1-3 kicks no matter what.
  5. skinnybob

    Still not perfect

    So test rides are only around the neighborhood, and now i have angered my neighbors, but oh well. I need to get it out on the trail, but this is where i ended up, and so far it looks promising. still 45 pilot, but now 1.75 out 155 main jd's red needle on 4th groove decel pop seemed to vanish, the trips around the neighborhood didn't get any hanging idle, and it pulled hard to the top with no bog. so once i can get it out on the trail and ride it for real, at this point i'd say i'm there or at least really close. Thanks for all the input.
  6. skinnybob

    Still not perfect

    just out of curiosity, what will be achieved by turning out the AP screw? And i had a feeling that the 160 was to large, was thinking of trying the 155, and what about the needle setting?
  7. skinnybob

    Still not perfect

    The current settings including the 160 main is per the sheet that came with the jd jet kit, the dealer had a 48 pilot in it, returned pilot to stock which is the 45. I tried to set the fuel screw per the info i found on here, and two out is where it seemed to be pretty smooth idle.
  8. skinnybob

    12 days till Taylor Park Colorado

    Thanks, i figured that's what the decel popping was, but as far as my jetting i'm just off a tad bit somewhere.
  9. skinnybob

    12 days till Taylor Park Colorado

    Great bike, at the end of july i rode out to cali, and oregon, rode 3301 miles in six days, first bike that i've had that i could actually ride that far and still walk and move afterwards.
  10. Time to ask for some more help. 09 klx450,full fmf q4, snorkel, ais removed, jd jet kit. live in colorado, usually ride 6-10000 ft. current settings are: main 160 pilot 45 red needle 3rd from top flex jet fuel screw 2 turns out. I'm alot closer than i was when i got the bike, but still not perfect. still runs right on the edge of overheating, but hasn't, wack the throttle, has a slight bog, and can't seem to get rid of the hanging idle when i stop, without playing with the clutch. also getting decel pop, and seems like alot of carbon at the end of the exhaust can. Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated, i mostly ride trail, with slower riders (my wife and son)
  11. skinnybob

    12 days till Taylor Park Colorado

    I'd be interested in hearing how you jetted also, i've got mine alot closer than it was when i bought it, but it's still not dialed in perfectly.
  12. skinnybob

    JD Jetting another how to question...

    I ended up two turns out on my fuel screw, after i went and bought a flex jet screw, the one that the dealer intalled was junk and i couldn't even get to it to adjust it.
  13. skinnybob

    JD Jetting another how to question...

    Did you drop your rear shock, it makes it alot easier is what i found.
  14. skinnybob

    still having problems

    I almost forgot thanks to everyone for their input and help on this situation, fingers crossed that when she hits the trails all is taken care of.