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  1. biffer99

    The beginning of a story...

    Ok, made a little more progress in the investigation. Liquid in the cylinder is coolant, not oil as would be expected. Gasket? Rings? Replacing both since I have it torn apart. I am looking forward to something being obvious...
  2. biffer99

    The beginning of a story...

    Yeah, it wasn't like I was adding a couple quarts or anything...just a little bit to get from the middle of the dipstick to the top - it really wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Today I drained it all into a container with graduations on it in ounces - came out to 64 ounces on the money...a.k.a. 2 quarts....about 0.1q over. Doubt that's enough to cause the issues. I guess if 0.1q of oil is enough to cause all this then I'll just run the sucker dry from now on. No, I'll keep digging... Fuel valve...I'll check that. I've got it all torn apart, I'm going to give everything a once over. Bolts all seem to be fine, will do loctite and new gaskets as I put it all back together - couldn't hurt. Hopefully it's something as simple as too much oil (somehow), but I'm going to go through it all anyway since I've got the momentum. Everything looks fine so far...
  3. biffer99

    The beginning of a story...

    You're right, I skipped some of the details... I've owned it since I took it off the dealership floor and have performed all upgrades and maintenance myself since. I do understand how to add oil so didn't dwell on those details, but yes, I warmed it up first and didn't just fill it cold after sitting. No problem on the assumptions - won't hurt my feelings. I appreciate you pointing out the obvious - I hope it's something easy like that!
  4. biffer99

    The beginning of a story...

    I have a 2009 DRZ-400SM with just under 6k miles on it. Yoshimura RS2 full system, 3x3, jets, etc....all the easy stuff. I realize that I don't ride the bike enough, but when I do, I put it through the wringer. Those are 6,000 hard-earned miles. Well, I did a little track day and rode the crap out of the thing, wheelies, backing it in, lots of shifting....I was tired by the end of the day. Rode it home, parked it, plugged it into the trickle charger knowing I wouldn't be on it for a couple weeks. Checked the oil a week later before taking my boy on a quick ride (5-yo son) and topped off the oil (Rotella T for those who care). Anywho, we get on, take off, and the bike is sluggish. I figure it just needs to warm up some because it's been sitting. Get to the end of the road and it dies...look back to see a MASSIVE cloud of white smoke (maybe a blue-ish tint for those who may argue later). Oil is literally dripping from the exhaust. Well, I push it home (uphill about a mile) - that was quite the workout. Now, here I am trying to figure out what on earth to do about it. I can't say that I've rebuilt an engine before, but I have a feeling this will be my first time. I currently have the exhaust system ripped off so I can clean it out and repack it. Drained the oil. Purchased a gasket kit. Waiting on the piston kit until I see what's wrong...but I have a feeling. I've searched some but there's a lot of crap out there. I'm willing to take the project on myself instead of sending it away and spending a ton of money - it's my bike, I broke it, I'll fix it. I'll put some pics up along the way in hopes of gaining some free advice and helping anyone else that may need it whether that's by my example or by learning from my mistakes. If you see anything crazy or have any obvious guidance, I'm not too proud. Not sure how long this project is going to be, but it should be a learning experience if nothing else. Pics for reference. I'll take more along the way.