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  1. TheSituation

    Need a bike

    I think Im gonna go with the KTM 200. Which are the best years? Whats a good price to pay? Thanks again guys
  2. TheSituation

    Need a bike

    Yeah Im pretty dead set on a 2 stroke. I think that it will be way more fun than a 4 stroke. I dont wanna spend more time changing the oil, adjusting valves, etc. like I am now. So what about the newer RM250s? Pretty good bike I heard? Theres also a few KX250s (01s and newer) around here for sell, how are they?
  3. TheSituation

    Need a bike

    Thanks for the replies guys So your saying that its too small? I thought it would be a good median between a 125 and a 250? I have never rode either how fun is a 125? Hows the power compared to say a 250f or a 250 two stroke? I want something that Im not gonna get bored of within a few weeks Thanks fellas
  4. TheSituation

    Need a bike

    Hello fellas, Im in the market for a dirtbike but can't decide on which bike would be best for me. I ride quads now and really its not as fun as it use to be. Im thinking a bike will revamp the fun factor. I ride trails (somewhat rutty, creek crossings, hills, the usual stuff you find while riding in the woods) and am 5'10 about 150lbs and my skill level is pretty good on a quad and I used to ride bikes when I was younger (DS80, RM80) and have been riding pretty much all my life (Im 22). Price range really isnt an issue but I would like to buy a used bike. I like the KTM 200s but dont know anything about them. Brand doesnt matter, I just want a fun woods bike that I can flick around