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  1. Sean806

    Honda's and there valves..

    Yeah I oil my filter... and I guess I will just have to try a new mechanic...
  2. Sean806

    Honda's and there valves..

    Yeah you read that right. I'm talking about 4 free rides. When I go to the mx track and free ride, I'll ride for 4 - 6 hours at a time. The inline filter sounds like a good idea... and no I haven't tried SS valves.
  3. Sean806

    Honda's and there valves..

    Hmmm, Food for thought. Thanks guys.
  4. Sean806

    Honda's and there valves..

    Thanks for all the responses guys. Well my Honda is motor is built by one of the best guys in the business, Jesse Williams of Williamsmotorwerx. He is know especially for his dimpled valves and his work with valves. My bike right now is built for arenacross and it a really built bike. I am thinking that I dont need such a built bike because I just race mx. Sorry but I wont be switching to trail riding, I have tried it and I got really bored...I need jumps and battling! A lot of my buddies ride yamahas and honestly I have had alot of friends who would race all year on their yamahas and never touch the valves! I used ride yamahas but god damn I hate how they corner... I'm starting to think that it just might be my bike, I think I am either gonna try going back to Yamaha or buying a different honda with a all stock motor. PS. To the dude who said he raced and never hit the rev limited, did you take like last place in c class? No offense but how did you manage...
  5. Sean806

    Honda's and there valves..

    Yeah man it sucks I can't afford it! And I'm not riding it like barcia but I do hit the rev limiter alot haha. I do clean my air fliter before every ride and get a new one ever 4 rides or so. Thing Is I had my motor rebuilt like 20 hrs ago to. New lower end and top end (it threw a main bearing). Yeah I am seriously considering going two stroke haha. Or at least selling this bike and getting a different Honda. PS. I used to ride yamaha's and I never had valves problems but after I cornered a honda I don't think I could do back to blue
  6. Okay I have an 08 crf250r. Best bike I have ever owned. I absolutely love the bike and it handles AMAZING. I race MX so I pound the sh*t out of it. The thing is, my freaking valves go like ever 20-30 hours. I can't even afford to keep up with it!! Especially when its like $500 every time they go! So I heard that with the 2010+ EFI bikes that the valves aren't a problem. I really like my 4 stroke but have honestly considered going to a 2 stroke cause of valve problems. Anyone wanna back that up or let me know what they have experienced? Thanks.
  7. Sean806

    Post A Picture Of Your Favourite Bike

    Rock racing's stealth pro.