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  1. STR8SIN

    08 WR 450 front end a little twitchy

    How does one go about adjusting sag on your front forks on the 08-09 WR 450's? I dont see any preload adjustment? Do you have to open them up and use shims or what?
  2. STR8SIN

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Just bought an 09 WR450F couple months ago. So far have done; AIS Removal Grey Wire FMF Full System Boysen Quickshot 2 Boysen Waterpump Moose Racing handgaurds Moose Racing Skid Plate LSV Unbreakable levers Racetech .48 Fork Springs and goldvalves Racetech 5.1 Rear Spring Up Next; YZF 450 Cams Thinner Cylinder and Head Gaskets.