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  1. I live in Kansas City North. The few guys I know that have a dirt bike or four wheeler to ride never seem to want to go very bad. It's always too hot or something. I'm 35 with four kids and I work like most everyone else. I finally got a bike again last summer. I regret ever selling the one I had fifteen years ago. Anyway, I'm just looking for someone to ride with once in a while within an hour or so of KC.
  2. trs03yz

    03 YZ250 with milky gear lube

    Sounds logical and is a relief to me. Thanks, and I will still keep an eye on the coolant.
  3. I just traded my 03 660R for an 02 yz250. I've always felt more natural on a bike but haven't ridden anything for about 10 yrs until this year. Anyhow, on to my question, I started checking things over like fluid conditions before I went out for a good hard ride. I noticed the radiator was not full, like below the top of the tubes. Next, when I drained the gear lube it was brownish colored and milky looking, not like oil should appear. I filled the gearbox with new 80wt oil. I thought maybe it was form the coolant getting past the water pump seals so I pulled the water pump cover and the impeller and the seal looks good. So far I cannot see how coolant could have gotten in the oil since it would have to get past two seals, the coolant side and then the oil side of the shaft, and there wasn't anything coming through the weep hole under the water pump. I'm going to just do a few oil changes and monitor the coolant level for now and keep checking the color of the oil. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I've never been inside one of these motors so I'm not fully sure how coolant could get in. I did search this forum before I posted, but thought someone might be able to give me some specific insight. Thanks