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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the service manual for a SXF 250,
  2. Weazel13

    ride orange, be labeled

    I have the opposite all my buddies say that their next bike is gonna be a KTM, they think my bike is awesome
  3. Weazel13


    Good vid
  4. Weazel13

    Talk me out of a 08 250 SX-F

    See every one loves the bike, it pulls really hard for a 250, and it is stable in the turns and in the air. The only thing that will take some getting used to like bleeding your forks, but it is easy and worth it. I say go get it you will not be disappointed
  5. Weazel13

    Shoes to Boots

    Yeah boots are a must, they will break in and you should get more feel, getting them wet helps sometimes
  6. Weazel13

    Talk me out of a 08 250 SX-F

    I recently replaced my RM 125 with a 08 SX-F 250. Quality, that thing rides awesome, the throttle feels like it is directly attached to the carb. I would say go for it.
  7. Weazel13

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Awesome pics guys I mean really thanks for sharing
  8. That place has a lot of rocks in the track
  9. Weazel13

    Daughter wants to race

    But hey on the bright side, she was disappointed she did not do well, therefor she enjoyed it. So she will want to do it again. I am sure she will race again and as long as she stays determined she will do well.
  10. Weazel13

    Don't pass a CR500:)

    She gets a laugh out of it, plus she just started riding and I use it as a tool to make sure she wears her goggles
  11. I am from WV and I never have been there, next time I go on leave I am gonna have to go hit it up
  12. Weazel13

    how to whip

    Good vid that is it in a nut shell
  13. Weazel13

    Chain cleaner

    I use WD-40 and a wire brush, works great
  14. Weazel13

    The best sound! (video)

    They do have an awesome sound, even more so at full song
  15. Weazel13

    Shut down ! more X Games ??( Josh Hill hurt )

    I think what it is, is that if you are a racer, racing is your job, it loses the fun that got you involved in the first place. They still love to ride, so they look for something else to do on a bike to bring back the enjoyment they once had with racing.