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  1. rotundra

    shocks for an 02 bayou

    does anyone know of an aftermarket front shock that will fit this quad? kaw bayou 300 4x4, 2002 I see them for the 250 made by bronco but not the 300
  2. rotundra

    DRZ400SM Steering Issues -- Bike Unrideable

    Glad you are okay zeke. Long as you have 2 good hands and right foot for the damper pedal you can still play. Who needs all those other parts anyway
  3. rotundra

    2010 WR250 weight

    Honda dealer has a used wrr for $5300, only 6 miles on it. Went down and checked it out, very snappy. The previous owner traded it for a klx650 because he needed more for the street. Too bad he didn't figure that out 6 miles before Where I am at: seriously comparing between the wrr and a used 2006 dzr400 for a fraction of the price.
  4. Ran across a craigslist KTMexc 450 with 4500 miles and plated. I think this is the 1st year dual sport based on the dirtbike. Any reason to avoid this? Should I look to an '08 or newer as mentioned in this post?
  5. rotundra

    Am I crazy for wanting this bike?

    I will add a WR450r to my wishlist if they ever make one
  6. 6 ft 210 lb and I want a decent dual sport bike for mostly dirt, woods and some intermediate mountain trails and a little road. I like the WR 250r because its tagged and can potentially go everywhere but I have not ridden one. My very experienced friend says it's way too small for this and that I need a 650 at least and that I will regret this purchase. Opinions? thanks
  7. rotundra

    2010 wr250 weight

    Thanks for that clarification. It's good to read posts of owners. There's alot of confusing info out there on the web.
  8. It's fuel injected and street legal, looks like a winner but it's almost 300 lbs. I can buy a 2008 WR for about 1/2 price and 50lbs lighter. It would be great to have a dual sport but I want something nimble for Kennedy Meadows and the like. Has anyone rode trails with this beast? How is the WR on the street? Thanks
  9. rotundra

    2010 wr250 weight

    Looking at 2010 wr250, 3.99 interest rate, fuel injected, dual sport, seems like a winner. I wonder about the almost 300 lb weight in the trails and woods. Any real life experiences yet compared with say the 2008 wr which is almost 50 lbs lighter? thanks
  10. rotundra

    It's been a while and I can use some advice

    Went and looked at the 426, like new condition just as advertised. Too bad it is a YZ and not WR as advertised lol. Think I heard that beast snickering at me when I was leaving.
  11. rotundra

    It's been a while and I can use some advice

    ty jono and all, i will let you know if and how it works out. The price of this bike may be too good to pass up if i can justify kickstart.
  12. 1st post here. It's been a while since I rode mountain trails on my '87 yz. I am looking for a good bike to get restarted with. I always said that I would do this when kids grew and....they did. I am 50 yrs old, 6 ft, 205lbs and in good shape (i think). What I will be doing: (trail riding in the Sierra's, Kennedy Meadows) anywhere from 3-8k elevation. So far, I really like the wr250 2007 and up but I ran across a 2002 wr426 in new condition, cheap! No electric start Any opinions if this would be a good bike? I do my own service and mods but as I said, it's been a while and things have changed. I need to get the right gear as well. Thanks Dan