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  1. farrington300

    XR400 drivetrain/gearing

    Yes you will need to adjust your chain.
  2. farrington300

    XR400 drivetrain/gearing

    Yes it will. I run everything from 13 42 to 16 42 with the same chain. Right now, I run 14 42 for dez if Im hauling the bike in the truck. I run 15 42 for dual sport rides with lots of hwy. 13 42 for the tuff stuff.
  3. farrington300

    sprocket question

    I ran 16 45 for a while when I was in dual sport mode. I just changed over to 15 42, so I can run the case saver I have. I also bought a 13 and 14 tooth to play with if the going gets tough. If Im really going on a long trip I can run 16 42 as well. With 15 42 and a 120 rear tire, I turn about 5500 at 59 mph, give or take a little.