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  1. WoW..that is alot of great information. Thanks so much for your help! At this point (thanks to you) we will go forward with finishing the build. We picked it up in pieces so it's not completed for pics. The ICM and the ignition coil is missing . We are trying to figure out how to connect the wires to a crf230 ICM we had laying around here. We have a good idea but can't check it until we get the ignition coil. I will post when all is in order and my 5 year old is having fun with it. Thanks again,
  2. Hi, Thank you so much for your time and effort!! There are 2 rows of numbers on the engine neither of which start with the the number/letters you mention. It goes like this - YG139FMB 04090845 Also, on the diagram you provide, there were only 2 wires coming out of the engine. Yet, there are 5 wires coming out of the engine that we have here. The wires are: green, yellow, white, black with red stripe, Blue with white stripe. The seller mentioned the engine was a 70cc on a 50 frame. But we felt that was in question because the casting on the cylinder said 49ML which led us to believe it was a 50cc engine. Not sure if this makes any sense. We are thinking we are wrong in our assumptions or maybe this is a chinese copy engine? We can not find any info on this on the internet. The engine number does not come up. Thanks again, hopefully we will find out what's going on here!
  3. Hi, We bought a used Honda 50cc dirtbike today off of craigslist for my son. Turned out to appear as if it were a project and there is no clear understanding of what we have but we believe it is a CRF 50CC motor. We believe there is a CDI missing and ignition coil missing but would like to get the wiring diagram for this bike. Does anybody have one on hand they can share with us to somehow finish this project? Greatly appreciated. We have come to understand there is not much difference at all between an XR50 and CRF50 but we are quite clueless here and don't know what to call it. I can provide an e-mail address if there is someone that can help by sending a wiring diagram. Thanks