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  1. Anything that could help me build my confidence back... rode today and was terrified of my little double i never used to think about... ( had a front tire disintegrate on a big landing and lost it bad 4 weeks ago and separated my left shoulder) I've regressed to nothing at this point and even small table tops bother me... in the past I just got back to riding when healed by this time is a little more traumatic... I've been riding since age 12 and have broken bones and never had an issue getting back into it... this time is just different...
  2. I'll try to be helpful... because I own a rm250 and a yz250f... 2 stroke cheap repairs more line choices on a track/around a corner the fun hit when its on the pipe lighter 4 stroke feels like instant torque easier to manage traction when things get nasty "feels" slower (my most consistent lap times are on my yzf... I can be a few seconds faster on the rm when things come together)
  3. OK got desperate and checked the float height again and its at 16mm like its supposed to be... BUT it still needs the idle screw turned almost all the way out to stay idling... it also still makes a slight whirling sounf during idle like its starving for fuel... cleaned carb the again while it was apart and yeah kinda at a loss... fyi air screw is at 1.5 turns out... anything more causes the motor to load up at when it should be hitting the powerband... plugs come back after a chop test brownish so my jetting is close... the floats and assembly look good, and don't show any signs of wear... advice?
  4. Got jets today! YAY running a 178 main and a 55 pilot and its damn close on 40:1 premium...
  5. I'd do it... as long as its solid... check everything! I just scooped a 93 and man its all sorts of fun!
  6. Just got my first none blue bike a 93 RM 250 and its a blast to ride BUT it will not idle, I adjusted the idle all the way in both directions and nada.. bike has strong spark and good compression (148) it fouled a plug this eve during a ride and now wont stay running ( ride for a few minutes then bog and dead). Thoughts? I'm getting a new plug this week so I can hope that its just a bad one.
  7. I feel bad... he's delusional!
  8. 1 09 YZ250f (lolz fun...!!) 2 93 CR250 (Best frame ever!) OR 99 RM250 (did someone say turn?) 3 87 CR500 (its scary fun!)