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  1. Drfay

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    First DRZ off road ride.
  2. Drfay

    Question about my Edge Tail Light install.

    Hey Stringburner. Do you have any photos of the mods you did? Sounds like a great idea.
  3. Drfay

    Quick question about Edge Tail light

    Here's another dilema. The guy I bought my DRZ from cut off the back of the subframe. I don't have the plate that the Edge mounts onto. Any ideas other than drilling holes in the fender itself and mounting to it? Thanks.
  4. I'll try to make it. I'm on a blue DRZ400. If I'm not there by 9:00 then I'm not able to make it. Thanks. Geoff
  5. I've not ridden at Tahuya but looking for someone who might be riding this weekend out there. Anyone hitting it?
  6. Wicked graphics. Who did those for you?
  7. Drfay

    Drz 400 Passenger Foot Pegs

    I'm also looking for some passenger pegs. Looks like they were cut off of the bike that I bought used. Happy to purchase.