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    L Subframe Support Options

    It seems to me that the Dirtracks would provide the same support as the bars I made but with the added benefit of a crash bar and exhaust protection drewbug, I'm liking it a lot. You could even add the ManRacks Hog Legs on the inside if you wanted to do a little overkill. It's piece of mind for sure.

    L Subframe Support Options

    Thought I would share my subframe support I made today. I works with my FMF pipe. Used solid bar stock from big box store - OSH. Heated with a torch to bend. Overkill? Who knows. Dog Bones would probably work just fine.

    xrs are great

    My 2007 650L gets exactly 45mpg around town. I ride to work everyday in my town. 15 miles round trip. Has a pipe/smog removed/pirelli scorpion tire/cheap gas/jetted/air cleaner/5k miles. I never tested mileage off road. It cruises at 60 to 65 nicely on the highway, I don't normally go on the freeway because 70 is pushing it and seems too light for that.
  4. We just picked up a 2007 XR650L for $2,700 in Nevada with 9k miles on it in excellent condition. My point being you can get in for cheap to see if you like it. Pick up something used. The XR650 is a great bike for a guy in your position, perfect for a 6 foot person, easy to ride, very forgiving, easy to resell etc. DR or XL are both good bikes, just get something and go. My 650 has the Clark 4.7 tank which is a must have, exactly 45 mpg around town with a pipe/jet/no smog. I hit reserve at 180 miles in town.

    Why is XRL more fun than my street bikes?

    I have to admit, I feel like I'm breaking the law on this thing. It's like the whole town is my track! The first week on this bike I kept saying "And it's legal". I have a shovelhead for the open road but this 650L has opened up a whole new chapter for me. Awesome! I will always have a dual sport (Enduro in my day) in the garage. Have been places in my Sierra Nevada that I didn't know existed. Multiple bikes is probably the answer.


    You might want to build your own or have a buddy weld up your design. Check my garage to see it, I love this thing. I have not put gussets on my frame yet but hear it's good practice.

    Outsider asking question for father.. Blinker problem ugh

    When I put after market blinkers on, It did the same thing, no blink. They just stayed on. I put a resistor in parallel to blinker to increase current to the blinker relay. It works fine now.