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  1. wiseguy763

    Starting Problems

    and the carb has been cleaned and jets have been blown out with air and carb cleaner. IDK if it water but the oil is clean and i do get good spark. so...
  2. wiseguy763

    Starting Problems

    no i saved up for my 150 plus i pay for all my gear. My parents never take me out i normaly i car pool with friends. i left to go stay with grandma and i came home and my bike was outside the whole time.
  3. wiseguy763

    Starting Problems

    Hi i got a 07 crf150r and i cant seem to get the thing started it sat for about 4 or 5 months outside because the stupid parents couldn't have it in the garage. i went to so start it and it wouldn't fire. tried push starting it wouldn't fire. Use my fathers quad to pull start it and it would barely turn over. It kicks but it doesn't fire over.Carb is drained and carb has been rebuilt twice and has had 2 new plugs in it. Has any one else had this problem or something similar to it? and what have you done to fix it