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  1. same photo as on page one but with 2 rubbers
  2. numroe, they are slotted behind the rubber. mine are set so just the right pressure is on my calfs when im leaning back through big whoops. A few mils either way and your body weight in attack position is too far forward or back. get them set right they feel good. after a few rides if you ride a bike without them youll suck. i call these things cheat pegs. you dont notice them untill you lean back for the rough stuff, then your locked in and pumping.
  3. make a nylon bush and get a longer bolt and put it under the rubbers so the rubbers go all the way across the back of your boot, not just on the side. Ive noticed the off road police on their ktm's do this also
  4. i have steg pegz and there is no doubt in whoops you will ride faster and more in control i use 2 rubbers each side, some mates have used nylon bush and spacered them out about 100mm
  5. yep, theres 3 different quality and priced kits. The best being the baja rally edition kit. One year warranty in usa i think. thats slider, roller, and rear guide $280 AUD
  6. that seven hours consisted of 3 hours in a farmyard breaking in, 3 in forrest, with half sand half hardpack, and 3 in desert sand. Chain was always set within the manual guidelines. I have now installed the tm kit, which recommends to run the chain a bit tighter.
  7. and the chain slider lasted 7 hrs from new with this gearing
  8. it fits i run 14/48
  9. crf 450 nut
  10. well where would the best place to re route it too?