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  1. I also have considered the 450s like trx, ltr ect... but have heard for mostly trails you would be better off sticking with the z 400 or 400ex. thoughts of that are welcome thanks
  2. I said i was new to dirtbikes and it is not really that true. I have owned two rmz 250s and they were great bikes. The 2004 seemed to not be bad, but I did not own it long and had the ability to trade up to a 2007 and I felt like it was a bit snappy, I did not mind the power but I dont know what it was I was just not fond of that bike. Well i always traded my cousin whos dad had a drz 400 and I loved this bike. I had a ton of fun riding it was super smooth in the power, but it also had the go if need be. I ride mostly trails maybe about 70% 30% mx on my fourwheelers, but I want to get back into dirtbikes. I am not scared of a big bike I am 6'4" about 220 and have had two full dresser harleys and a gsxr, my question is what would be something that may be a good kinda started bike for this scenario I want something I wont get bored with. ill want to hit about 10 foot high jumps at like the very max, and that is not often it is mostly trails and dunes, so the 400 was fantastic. What is are some of your opinions on what might be a good fit, or should I stick with maybe trying to find a trail drz any input would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. I have had several fourwheelers including a old bayou 220 250 ex blaster 400 ex z 400 ect.. I am now out of college thinking when I get a job I want to get back into quad riding. I ride about 60% trails 20% dunes and hit the track about 20% im 6'3'" and about 225. So I have looked into going all out and buying both a outlander 1000 get a sweet utility and then also buy a sportquad to fulfill my want to have something like a my z400. Then I though maybe get the renegade and fulfill both, with some drawbacks in that you have something that is good at two things vs two things that are awesome at one. Just kind of looking for some information do you think the renegade could hit jumps, trails, dunes, ect and not be to top heavy for hill climbing. Or go get the Outlander (any advise on what would be the best utility/ trail/mud/ have a winch/hunting ect...a overall workhourse) and then buy something like a z400. Which would lead me to my next question, if I were to buy a sportquad I loved my z400 it was great in tight technical turns and I loved it and would not regret getting another. With this being said I felt like I was lacking in power whenever I was on the dunes or riding around the house in top end. So I might just go with a z400, but anyone know of a good sport quad that would be great in the trails and still be able to open up, and also be able to hit some pretty big jumps on the track. My research shows that the trx 700 are decent, but then you have the irs so u lack when you jump (bc of weight) and also coming out of a turn. So is there anything that you guys would advise for some good low end lug power for trails, but also can get with it on the dunes, can hillclimb and is not real topheavy for that problem, and is great on the track as well. z400 with more motors basically lol...probably could have said/asked this question in less words, but what are your thoughts anyone any input would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  4. cghamm117

    Good trail a little mx

    I have found a 2006 ltx 400 it is piped, good tires, jet kit, Also found a 2003 polaris predator extended a arms alothough one supposibly is a bit bent and extended axle, cams, valve work, good back tires needs back, also have full header exhaust. Im leaning toward the z but was just updating i have heard they are the best all around quad.
  5. cghamm117

    Good trail a little mx

    The reason i like the extra speed i like to hit the dunes every once and a while and like something i can open up in the flats.
  6. Hi im trying to buy a good sport atv, I bought a dirtbike and missed my old fourwheeler so i sold it now looking to buy another. I used to have a 400 ex and i liked it alot it was about perfect for what i liked to do. ok so what would be the best fourwheeler for me to own. I mostly enjoy trail riding and doing a little but of playing in the mud. But every now and then i enjoy hitting some jumps and playing around on the mx track. I have considered buying another 400 ex but i just would maybe like something with a little more get up and go. Yea it was ok fast but i wouldnt mind something that has the ability to hit the trails the track sometimes and has a little more umf then a 400ex. I was looking at like all the 450's maybe a raptor ive heard good and bad my max spending would be about 2500 any suggestions?