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    Is anyone familiar with indicator problem?

    Thanks for your response Horri, I've already opened the switch and all seems OK. The headlight & high-beam are also located on the same switch housing and these work fine. Also checked the horn and it works fine on another bike. The green ground wire sounds promising; I'll give it a try; Much appreciated.
  2. XRDownUnder

    Is anyone familiar with indicator problem?

    Hi Coopz, thanks for your response. It's a 2003 XR250R. I'm not too familiar with these; where do I find the reg/rec? What does it look like? Would hate to replace one of these and not fix the problem. Appreciate your help...
  3. Hi, I've just got back from a challenging, wet and muddy boys weekend where all bikes took a serious battering but the XR's kept on going. Now that I'm home and need to get rego the bike again, I found that my flashes and horn not longer work however the Headlight & High-Beam are both fine? Is there a common component I may have damaged over the weekend that would cause this? Hoping someone out there has dealt with a similar issue and can point me in the right direction. Thanks...