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  1. I have a xt 81 i hav problem to figuring out how to remove ring holding oil seal se picture any one so can help a newbie?
  2. I have a xt 81 i have problem to figuring out how to remove ring holding oil seal se picture hynes book only shows older fork
  3. Hi I just replaced cylinder and piston wiseco unfortunately I have no technical info when I bought it on ebay cylinder liner and piston should fit together according to the seller The problem is that after a few miles piston got stuck, when the engine cooled down i started it again and it seems to work fine Comp is 10 when i now measuring it Must wiseco break-in many kilometers? I do not have any over 4000 rpm and this will continue whatever I'm doing? And last question is whether this sized up has damaged the piston and cylinder
  4. I also have only one, 81 xt 500 that is converted so that it looks like a 79 But I'm looking for a 76 mod, which I can fix up during the winter here in Norway there are few 76 are there any of you who would like to sell one to Norway? may well be in poor condition but must have clear title
  5. Is there any who would like to sell a worn xt 500 to Norway? has an 81 finish restored and i need a new project, preferably 1976 must have somthing to do in long winters
  6. Thanks for the answers What I have begun to look at now if it is right side clutch cover on this bike on eBay that there are 2 kinds of 1 with sim ring with lips out there has not locking ring, and a type that sim ring is fitted with the flat side towards the crank with a locking ring I have the type that has the locking ring question is. Is it possible I should have the clutch cover that does not have lock on Sim Ring
  7. The oil filter I've used you can notice that the little cover does not lies in to the crankcase cover, it is about 2mm clearance before I sets the screws, can this be enough to lose pressure?
  8. Thank you for your reply When I loose the banjo on the oil line that goes on top comes the oil out, is it then ok to run the bike with? I have read in repmanual (Clymer) if pressure is less than 15 psi at some speed there is something wrong
  9. before you read more, my English is bad I'm from Norway I am working on an 81 xt500 which I do not have oil pressure over 3 psi installed new kedo 50% oil pump changed all sim rings and o rings related to oil pressure it is mounted dual oil line and comp is 6 kg. and it burns a little oil can this cause low oil pressure? Does anyone have an idea to me