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  1. Wild Wade

    Kawasaki bayou ignition problems

    :banana:battery is charged and the other stuff checked out, but you fixed it. I lubed the connections and bam, fix! THANKS WILD WADE
  2. I have a 2007 drz 650, our local shop shut down and i cant seem to find a service book for sale and i need the valve settings? Can someone help me out?????
  3. My wheeler starts everyday when you push the botton but it stopped. When you push the button it makes no sound, but pull starts fine> any ideas
  4. Wild Wade

    Dr 650

    Should it be burning hot now? THe plug seems neutral now maybe on the hot side. Ill take it apart tom and see. Thanks
  5. Wild Wade

    Dr 650

    I put a Dyno Jet 145 and their needle in. Thanks Wade:banghead:
  6. Wild Wade

    Dr 650

    I have a 2007 DR650, a year ago I added a h/o exhaust header, pro circuit pipe, jetted it, k&N filter, and added holes to the air box. Everything was good untill this summer. Now on hot days when I ride,nce it warms up it rides like crap, sluggish and back fires, if I add choke its better. Any suggestions? Also, noone can tell me the valve clearance settings I should be running?? Help Wild Wade:foul: