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  1. dogdoc

    How to kick start 450x????

    Very funny but that does not work when the battery gives up the ghost like the other day.
  2. dogdoc

    How to kick start 450x????

    Ok, I have heard horror stories about the kickstarter breaking the cases on the 450x. What is the proper technique to kickstart without breaking the engine? Thanks dogdoc
  3. We have two xt250s and put Tusk handguards on each without having to cut anything? They work great. dogdoc
  4. I just ordered a jd kit for my low hour stock 2005 450x. I want it to run cooler for longevity hence the kit. I do not want to modify my air box or exhaust(good and quiet). Should I have any problems or have to make any other mods for the kit to work well with my stock bike? I have read about a number 50 leak jet but will that be required with my stock configuration and is that included with the kit?? The bike has great power for me stock but I know it gets hot! dogdoc
  5. I mean physically harder to turn. RPMs will drop when I turn the throttle back to its starting position so not a "hanging idle". When the engine is off it becomes easier to turn
  6. When I put a mikuni 140 main on mt 09 xt250 with only a FMF exhaust, I got a major high speed stumble(600 feet above sea level). It seemed too rich. I gave up and simply adjusted the pilot to get it to run great. I did get a 137.5 main but have not yet tried it. I also shimmed the needle but more problems. I went back to stock with only pilot adjustment. Runs great dogdoc
  7. What would make my throttle very sticky on my 1980 yamaha xt500G while it is running?? I am pretty sure I have ruled out binding cables as it is almost normal with bike off. Maybe old varnish from tank got to the slide? (I did clean the tank but some varnish remained) I rebuilt the carb but only put an inline filter in after the problem came to light. Is a vacuum issue possible? I will pull the carb later this week but hoping I am missing something obvious. Ant thought would be appreciated. dogdoc
  8. dogdoc

    Why the tight single track on a 450X

    I live in Alabama and ride several miles of wooded fairly tight trails on my farm. My 450x does fine on the trails and I love the power in the open pastures. I am about 220# so it hauls my big butt very well. A 250 would be a bit small for me. I am, however, a fairly slow rider in the woods (trees hurt!!) for self preservation but I have fun and that is all that matters to me. I have a business to run so health is important. My 11 year old can out run me on his crf150r on our trails but he has his own ruts for riding so much.
  9. Thanks I should say the bike is my sons 09 crf150r. When it occurs it is a very small amount of smoke. I think i will not worry about it. The bike has tons of power for what it is and runs great.
  10. I have noticed that after long periods of no use(days to weeks) I sometimes see some blue smoke on startup of my 4 strokes bikes. It last only a few seconds at start up and then all is normal. No smoke under load or when hot. Why is this?? Oil leak from head through open valves?? Thanks dogdoc
  11. dogdoc

    XT250 Front Fender Replacement

    I have put on xt225 fenders on both of my 2009 xt250s and they work fine. I am a big dude so I put some spacers in my front forks to increase the preload for a better ride and to prevent the front fender from rubbing the tire when riding in an aggresive manner. The xt 225 fender rides a little closer to the front tire. My wifes bike is stock and works good for her without the fork mods. Boats.net has the fenders cheap. less than 30.00 bucks as I remember. The year model you order from determines the color of the fender., dogdoc dogdoc
  12. dogdoc

    Thoughts on my new Dr

    I have had both and prefer the super low rev torque of the the dr650. I traded my drz400s in on a new dr650 and am very happy. I also like the air/oil cooled feature on the dr650. Just a simpler more bullet proof bike. I have a honda crf450x for playing really hard in the dirt. dogdoc
  13. dogdoc

    New XT250 vs 06 XT225: Decision time

    I have two 2009 xt250s and like the bikes for what they are. We load them in the back of the truck, hook up the travel trailor and have plenty of transportation wherever we end up. We just got back from 2 weeks in Colorado riding all kinds of rough high mountain trails. The bikes did great and seem bullet proof. I like the larger engine over the 225 and I have not heard of any spoke problems wih the newer xt250s.( search for 225 spoke problems and you will find alot ). I hear some complain about only 5 gears on the xt250s but they do great with 5. It is also newer with warranty if you buy new(although I never needed mine). The xt250s also have a better somewhat adjustable suspension(rear anyway) and just look a little heavier duty to me but that is just opinion. dogdoc
  14. dogdoc

    XT250 and FMF

    I have jet kit on the way from ebay. I have been running stock with no airbox modifications and it seems fine. (No backfiring or other evidence on especially lean running. ) I have adjusted the fuel screw out which will richen things a little. I called FMF when i purchased the pipe and they told me all the testing with the pipe was done with a stock bike so it should be fine without rejetting but most newer bikes with carbs are too lean for me so I am rejetting. I would rather have a bike a little on the rich side than on the lean side. dogdoc
  15. dogdoc

    XT250 and FMF

    I purchased one for my xt250 2009 along with the quiet core insert. I think it does make a difference in how "snappy" throttle response feels. It is much louder than stock but not obnoxious . It may be psychological but it feels more powerful. dogdoc