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  1. i fixed it, sorry i would delete the thread but cant.
  2. Can someone help me out? My clymers manual has no info on routing the clutch cable, and i did a search and found nothing.
  3. I agree, ride both its that simple you will see which one you like better.
  4. cmon now, dont give them any more bright ideas im sick of seeing there garbage.........
  5. I like how reliable they are, very well built.
  6. bikes are better in my opinion, A 450 bike would destroy a 450 quad if a 125 is equal.
  7. i use pj1, is that decent?
  8. Are wiseco's cranks really made in china? What about there pistons?
  9. My seal savers are removable without removing the forks, so every few rides i clean them out and they work great. They are a must for muddy conditions in my opinion.
  10. Sometimes it takes awhile but you will find a good bike, just search craigslist everyday.
  11. Being cheap will hurt you in the long run, do it right the first time, i would not put a new piston in a cylinder like that.
  12. Alot of white smoke.
  13. Check the crank play, clean powervalves if needed, and take your time it always pays off to double check everything.
  14. My forks dont have any slop, sounds expensive your friend better pay up.....
  15. Alot of quadtards on there craptor 700's and 400's talk alot of crap saying "ha you think that little 125 piece will beat my big raptor 700" Just guess who wins every race? Me and my cr125