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  1. 05ZedMan

    how to 450X exhaust mod

    I can't see the pics or a link for the exhaust mod. I have tried with Mozilla & IE8, am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  2. 05ZedMan

    summer ride photos

    Awesome pics, looks like some cool riding. What part of Colorado is that?
  3. 05ZedMan

    Grease niplles on rear suspension?

    I see that. Didn't mean to offend anyone by asking a question...
  4. 05ZedMan

    Grease niplles on rear suspension?

    I think when I tear it down I will be looking for places to drill & tap and add them. Then besides the tear down & inspection it will be quick & easy to give them a hit of grease.
  5. 05ZedMan

    Grease niplles on rear suspension?

    Just picked up a 2007 CRF450X with very low hours, not even boot marks on the frame or cases, sweet bike, took it for a ripp this morning. I was surprised to find no grease nipples on the rear suspension. Has anyone added grease nipples to the rear suspension? Any thoughts... Thanks.
  6. 05ZedMan

    Oil burning question

    My 08 - XR650L uses less and less each ride also.
  7. 05ZedMan

    Considering CRF450X

    Good thought on checking the intake manifold for grime. I am guessing the valves / top end can cost some $$ and wear quickly if not maintained? I know I will need a bigger tank, I have the Clark 15L on my XR now. We often head out and end up with 100KM of trails (6~8 hours of riding) The cooling fan will be a must too, waiting for people to clear sections and catch up. XR/CRDave, how does the bottom end compare to the XR? One thing I love about my XR650L is we often hit muskeg then climb, and I can barely touch the throttle or it will spin with mud on the wheel, but that XR will idle up out of a lot of those spots. Thank you for all your input.
  8. 05ZedMan

    Considering CRF450X

    Hello all, I am considering buying a CRF450X, probably a used one. I have a 2008 XR650L, heavily modified for dirt. Great bike but I find the time I spend on road is less and less each year. I want to make the jump to something fully dirt oriented and shed a few pounds too. I just wanted to know if there are things to be aware of with the CRF450 that a guy should watch for when buying. Also I usually group ride with Quads, (slowing going sometimes) so I will also be interested in the cooling fan kit if anyone has input on that. Thanks in advance for any advice!