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  1. 09berg

    berg fuel tanks?

    I also have the Ogio Flight vest. Tons of pockets,water bladder. I can carry 3 liters of gas in the large rear pockets. I use 2 1.5 liter Platapus bags. This vest has been my best gear buy.
  2. 09berg

    Selling 96 CR250. How much is it worth?

    I have a 1994 cr250 as a second bike. It does just sit there but i cant let it go. 1000 bucks is all i could get for her. Its worth more to me just sitting there.
  3. 09berg

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    09 570 in British Columbia, Canada. Love it!
  4. 09berg

    Fe-570 Time for tires

    The dunlop 606 has been great. Have 35 rides on it and is still in good shape.
  5. 09berg

    Berg heaven

    I just bought a new 09 570. getting a street kit installed. pick it up next week. i really can't wait!