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  1. bikentrout

    DR/DRZ blue front fender

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Since it's my son's bike which he is selling, we wanted to keep the investment low, so found a source on e bay and ordered. To my door for $28. The bike is cherry except the original fender had a large scratch which kind of stood out and detracted from the bike's clean look. I'll let you know about this e bay deal and the color match. Thanks again Kevin
  2. bikentrout

    DR/DRZ blue front fender

    Thanks for the responses. From what I've seen, the Acerbis blue is a match for Yamaha blue. Kevin
  3. bikentrout

    DR/DRZ blue front fender

    Has anyone had any luck finding an aftermarket front fender in the Suzuki DP bike blue? Specifically for a 2006 DR 200S, altho I'm sure the 650 and 400 color and fender would work for the 200. Thanks Kevin
  4. bikentrout

    How many of you have Suzuki DR200's?

    Just found a cherry 2006 with 2K miles for my 16 year old son. For now the power is OK for a beginner, however his new riding boots are a tight fit with the shift lever. Trying to find a longer one. Any ideas would be welcome. KM
  5. bikentrout

    DR200SE Longer shifter?

    Anyone know of an aftermarket longer shift lever that will fit a DR200? My son's new A Stars sz 11 (bigger than mine) are a tight fit between footpeg and shifter. I did a re bend of the shifter to clear the engine case and was able to raise the peg some, but the length is the real sticker.Looks like an extra 2" would help. If an aftermarket isn't there, maybe an OEM lever from another model with similar splines and length would work? Anybody else go thru this predicament? KM