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  1. hobbeekid

    Honda xl's lets se um

    I can tell you the difference if noone else on here has, The 100s was a all new design engine based on the 77& later xr/xl 75 and later 80 and 100.It's a complete design change from the earlier 78 model & more compact.The 79 xl100s shares the same frame with the xr/xl 75-80,but internally each engine is somewhat different.Meaning some parts will interchange but others won't internally & externally.You have to mess with the bikes for a while to learn what will interchange....
  2. hobbeekid

    77xl75 bunk transmission

    Hi all, I currently have a 77 honda xl75 that I rebuilt about 5 yrs ago and in doing so, I added components from a doner clapped out xr75 parts bike. Camshaft, xr carb,the xr 5speed gearbox, ported the head etc.I also added a 15 tooth countershaft to the 39 tooth rear to give it longer legs for the street plus a powroll style supertrapp exhaust.I recently registered it for the street and began really riding it around town. It was a blast to ride! winding the piss out of it to get it to move, even getting up to 55 mph once or twice having to wind it out to do so.since then, something has happened to the gearbox. it's popped out of gear a couple of times and now doesn't want to upshift or downshift smoothly. gear action feels harsh. I'm thinking the shift drum is outta alignment, shift forks are broken or slidershafts. I dunnow. I need someone with a little experience with these engines to give me some insight about these gearboxes as apparently I'm going to have to tear the engine back apart to see what happened.I have plenty of spare parts,but it's something I'm not looking forward to especially after the rings have seated good on a somewhat fresh overbore! it still runs great! it just won't shift. I'm afraid once I put it back together the rings won't reseat and it'll burn oil.through experience I've found that the rings on these small engines are extremely tempermental.Any advice on this would be appreciated... thanks in advance, Jeff
  3. First off, That motor actually bolted up & fit in the later frame??? WoW!!! the 78 and earlier xl engines are a completely different design from the 79 & up. The stator is completely different and might require a battery & rectifier to fire that engine. take a couple of pics of the magneto & post them on here to be sure...
  4. hobbeekid

    1977 XR75 Lighting Coil

    http://www.ebay.com/...60a857b&vxp=mtr I posted this in your other thread so you may have seen it. I guess the trail 70 is the same.I don't mess with those, the xr75 IMO is a way better bike!
  5. hobbeekid

    1977 xr75 headlight ?

    Thank you!!! took alot of work to restore back from a basket case... Here you go, lil bit more than $50 though, http://www.ebay.com/...60a857b&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-XR80-XR-75-80-xl75-xl80-xl-stator-and-plate-points-ignition-engine-MOTOR-/290816951675?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43b60a857b&vxp=mtr
  6. hobbeekid

    1977 XR75 Manual anyone?

    Or go buy a clymer that's what I've used all of these years....
  7. hobbeekid

    1977 XR75 Lighting Coil

    First off, did you aquire the four magnet flywheel from a xl75 or 80? The factory flywheel has two magnets. a properly wound ,grounded ,and insulated winding should produce some kind of current.Have you put a voltmeter across the power lead yet to see if it's producing any current? lastly solderless connectors aren't going to cut it. how do you know it's making contact at the crimps?Or not grounding anywhere in that area?How do you know when it's running that the advance cam isn't making contact with that crimp? if it does while it's running, who knows what's getting shaken loose or rattled around? I would get rid of all that, strip clean ,flux,solder,and insulate the lead off of tthe coil using a bit of liquid tape. Brush on.That's a sure way to know all of your leads are making contact. Or better yet go get a xl 75/80 lighting coil off of ebay thats prewired already and stop beating your brain out over this stuff...
  8. hobbeekid

    1977 xr75 headlight ?

    Instead of beating yur brains out trying to rig up mismatched parts, Why don't you just get a xl75/80 style lighting coil off of ebay for like 50 bucks? All the lighting circuits are there already so all you have to do is bolt it on, then wire up a makeshift light circuit using the wiring diagrahm in the back of any xr/xl 75 /80/100 clymer manuel . I rewired my 77 xl 75 and it works great!
  9. hobbeekid

    A very Sad story,,,,,, Kevin Walker

    That's bizarre!!!...
  10. Tried to get hold of them to do a custom two stroke pipe,Won't answer their phone,won't return any of my messages.Now website is dead. All the indicators of being OB. anyone hear anything else?! Anyone know of someone who'll build custom pipes? thanks Jeff
  11. hobbeekid

    single tracks

    I loooove singletrack riding!!!!
  12. hobbeekid

    CRF450x feedback

    Well It's been a week since my last post, I pulled the trigger and Brought home a brand new 09 450x YAY! still haven't ridden it yet as I don't have all my riding gear yet,I was able to bid on and win a ims 4 gal tank from ebay so I'm also waiting on that.I'm also reading up on how to adjust the dampning & rebound on the front forks.The manuel says after breakin they should be taken apart and cleaned and new oil added before riding again.Have any of you messed with that yet? looks intimidating.Still reading the service manuel on suspension setup as this new bike is kind of like a blank sheet of paper, and not a pretweaked used bike....
  13. hobbeekid

    What last mod shoud I do to my X before the world ends?

    Absolutely nothing because you'll be around to ride another day!
  14. hobbeekid

    CRF450x feedback

    Ok thanks for the reply guys, looks like I'm going down to Honda to get one OH BOY!!!:smirk:
  15. Hi everyone, another newbee here,I just wanted feedback from anyone who rides the crf450x as I'm on the verge of buying a brand new 09 from honda's blowout sale their having.I weigh about 210 lbs and am interested in more trailriding than racing so I don't need all that insane power the 450r makes.I've ridden a 450r and it's too wild for me.I'm too outta shape to manhandle something like that on the trails.So my question is the 450x reliable? I've read some horror stories about their valvetrain online. Good on fuel ? especially when riding in fairly remote areas will fuel be a factor? how do they handle on off camber hilly trails? I used to have a xr600r that was a bear to handle on woods and off camber hare scramble trails that I remember riding on.I'ts been a few years since I've last ridden but I just can't seem to stay away.Plus I need the exercise to get rid of the chub around my middlesection. Should I stay away from something like this? I'm actually surprised that Honda still has 09's left.Is there a reason for it?I can't afford a KTM soooo, love to hear any feedback. Thanks in advance....