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  1. Hi, I have a 1993 YZ250 with no carb. Does anyone know which carb was fitted as standard and a basic jetting setup. I have a feeling it is a Mikuni TMX38 but some were fitted with Keihin. Cheers Mike
  2. Hi, I am currently re building my forks. I have put new seals etc. However, I don't know about priming the inner rod, and how much oil to fill them with, and the grade too. I would appreciate it if anyone could advise on the procedure. Cheers Mike
  3. xf8u39

    '93 YZ250 which carb?

    I have a '93 YZ250 which is fitted with a 38mm Keihin carb. I thought it should have a Mikuni for this year of bike. It's not a problem but I could do with some info on main jet sizes/ pilot jet/air screw etc Cheers Mike
  4. xf8u39

    YZ250 keeps stalling

    Hi, my 92 YZ250 starts up great when cold, the engine races. When it is warmed up it won't idle. I'd prefer it if it were the other way round. What can I do to sort it out?
  5. Hi, can anyone advise me what the advance timing is for '92 YZ250 68x68mm I have noticed that there is adjustment on the stator plate AND also the pick up coil too. Thanks in advance Mike
  6. If I'm not mistaken Maico do a range of 2 stroke bikes, upto the stonking 680 with about 75-80bhp. I bet they are a handfull.