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    uh oh!?

    so it sounds like i need the manual or someone who is experienced! is there an easy way to check the cam timing? or will it be obvious. how does one make a home grown cylinder leak test? thanks for the info. about to get started, maybe!!
  2. endubdrew

    uh oh!?

    I bought a suzuki drz400s 2000 for pretty cheap cause its old. It ran great and has some minor fixes to be dealt with. recently i was on a ride and began to hear an unfamiliar ticking near my knees. mostly on the right side of the bike. Then just before the house the bike stalled and died and would not restart. i bumped it and idled it to the house, put it on the charger and later tried to start it. not so easy. usually it starts right up. when i got it started the ticking sound is very present. the bike does not want to idle. not a gearhead but kinda savy and i feel as though i might have a blown ring? any relatively easy test i can do at home with basic tools and a carport? my very uneducated guess is that there is not enough compression to keep her running? thanks....