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    94 600r rear shock issue

    I am looking at upgrading form an 87 600r to a 94 600r. The guy selling the bike has got to be 5'7" and has the rear shock tension setting screwed almost off. Currently as is the bike is sitting at least 3inches lower than it should be (when the kick stand is down the bike stands strait up so much that it is not leaning at all) When riding the bike the rear end is very bouncy. I figured that the rear nitrogen cartridged needs to be replaced. I was wondering if they are rebuildable or will I have to replace it. I noted in the manual it says not to mess with it. Any info to help my situation would be nice Thanks
  2. I noticed small puddle under my bike I power washed it road a little today and the leak seams to be coming from the clutch lever case. I was wondering if this has happened to others? Before I take it apart I was wondering if I could get any insight into what this might be? I am figuring that it is just an old seal or gasket?? I have an pdf shop manual for a 88 xr600 and I was going to use that as an instruction guide that should work well for me right? I know that there are some differences between 85-87 and 88 and newer what are the main differences between models? I have been told it was just the brakes but I also read that the later models are taller. Any info will help thanks guys E
  3. I am looking at purchasing the K270 as a front tire and K760 as a rear tire to get better traction off road. Does anybody run this pair? I might end up just getting a matching set of K270's or K760's I am undecided. My buddie runs the 760's on his bike and doesn't like the front tire? Any opinons? E