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  1. Patriot Blue

    My 5 year old, on his 4th ride ever

    Awesome! I've had my 6 yr old daughter on her PW50 only twice so far. She loves it. She was even getting excited watching the bikes on the x-games with me. Isn't it a blast watching them have so much fun riding!
  2. Patriot Blue

    GoPro Helmet Cam of Kootenay Motocross Track

    I've never ridden on a track before, so forgive my ignorance. What's the purpose of "scrubbing"? Is there a purpose for it in racing, or is it just styling?
  3. Patriot Blue

    whats a cheap way to make my TTR 125L faster

    Holy hijacked thread, Batman!
  4. Patriot Blue

    Disk Brake Caliper Bracket

    Anybody had any luck getting the mounting bracket welded?
  5. Patriot Blue

    Disk Brake Caliper Bracket

    Just picked up an '02 TTR 125L and it has a broken front brake caliper mounting bracket. All I can find online is the whole caliper assy for over $200. Anybody know where I can get just the mounting bracket? Thanks.