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  1. KWski

    PW50 - First Race

    Definetely gonna have the camera ready and be hollering my a$$ off. Great advice. I wish I was smart enough to take advantage of all the tech tips. one day maybe. So, not like anyone is hanging on the edge or their seat or anything but I'll definetely update how it went. Thanks again
  2. KWski

    PW50 - First Race

    I'm sure I could get away with it. I don't think it's part of any series or anything with all types of rules. I think it's just a track that hosts a few races a year but I'm not certain. It's at Spring Valley MX in Clyde, TX. What type of mods are you talking about?
  3. KWski

    PW50 - First Race

    My son is 5 and rides a PW50. We're both new to the game. Any tips for his first race coming up this weekend? Much appreciated as always!
  4. KWski


    Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to straddle the line between "just have fun" and "you're doing it wrong!". Great tips though. I probably need to tighten up the reins a little to get his technique down. Tennis ball on the seat is a good one. I may try that just to see the reaction it gets. Appreciate the advice from everyone.
  5. KWski

    First bike... questions (PW50)

    When you figure out what you want to order here's a few sites I've used to order parts... PWonly.com and BikeBandit.com Bike Bandit is good becuase it has all the diagrams and it's pretty easy to pick out the part you need. Good luck.
  6. KWski


    My son rides a PW50, he's 5, and he really loves riding. I'm a beginner myself so I never had any one teach me "the basics". He's been riding for about 3 months now and I want to make sure I'm not letting him get away with any bad habits that will be hard to break later. I've been making sure he's got a finger or two on the levers, stands up when it gets rough, and make him pick it up himself when he drops it! He's got to wash it and I try to get him to stick around when I work on it. What are some other things you experienced guys teach your kids? Thanks!
  7. I agree with shooter. From one noob to another, you're better off with a smaller bike. I've got an '05 YZ250F and it's perfect. I rode when I was a kid enough to know how to get the bike moving and go fast but I had zero mechanics when I picked it back up a couple years ago. Bought an RM 250 that was too much bike for me when I was about 26 years old. I couldn't really enjoy it since the bike would handle me rather than the other way around so I got rid of it. 30 now and picked up the YZ about 4 months ago and it's friggin awesome. The move to the 4 stroke made the bike a little "tamer" at low speeds and I am able to control it MUCH easier. I don't know if I'm "worthy" of giving advice out on here but in my humble opinion, get a smaller bike. You'll be able to concentrate more on your mechanics than just trying to hang on. When you can whip the smaller bike around with ease, consider going up in size. That's my two cents. Good luck! *** just realized I kind of got off track with this one. My bad. I agree with others...Lots of throttle, ease clutch out, start to back off throttle when it catches.
  8. KWski

    '03 pw50 - throttle/power issue

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll check that stuff out.
  9. KWski

    '03 pw50 - throttle/power issue

    Have an '03 PW50 for my son (turns 5 later this month) that seems to run pretty decent but there are some issues with the power. It starts good cold and has ok pick up but once it gets warm it runs sh%tty. Real slow acceleration then gets going too fast for him. He grabs a handful of throttle and it barely creeps then about 40 feet out it seems to hit some sort of PW powerband and take off. So he has to let off and it starts all over, creeps and then takes off. Is this by design? Is there a way to get him a more predictable throttle response? I bought the bike used and it came without the limiter screw for the throttle but even with that I'm not sure if it would help whats going on. I'm not that smart on bikes but it seems pretty easy to work on, I'm just not sure where to start. Can anyone recommend something to troubleshoot or possibly replace/rebuild? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. KWski

    2005 carb joint/boot

    YZ. I figured it out. It was under Fuel & Air>Intake. Thanks.
  11. Anybody know the part # for the rubber joint/boot on the front of the carb between the engine? Pretty sure it's cracked/leaking air. Diagrams on all the parts sites I found don't show it. Found it in the owner's manual, p.4-8. but I can't find that diagram online anywhere. Thanks for the help.
  12. KWski

    '03 PW50 Choke replacement issue

    I figured it was missing but when I bought the bike used, i figured someone just broke the choke lever and pulled the cable off, so the valve/spring should've been in there still. Kinda new to messing with the carb so I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. Thanks for the replies though. I'm "practicing" on my son's 50 until I get the confidence to pull the carb off my 250f. Like I said, new to working on them so I really appreciate the input.
  13. KWski

    '03 PW50 Choke replacement issue

    I ordered a replacement choke cable from PWonly.com. Tried installing it today but when I opened up the carb I'm not seeing a spring or choke valve when I look down into it. The part didn't come with that the spring or valve. Am I missing something here or am I missing parts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. KWski

    Training wheels good...or bad

    Thanks for all the advice. I'd never heard of taking the pedals off of his other bike but that is something that I'm definetely going to try. Probably gonna use a mixture of all the tips on here and keep them on when we go out riding (for now) and take them off to work with him in the back yard on some straigt line starts/stops 'til he can get his feet up. I mean, it's not like he's gonna go buy a 250 in 10 years and hook up some training wheels on it. I figure he'll get there and we'll know when it's time. Good call on some of the safety advice also. Didn't think about the quad-style rollover potential so I'll keep an eye out for that. Thanks again!
  15. KWski

    Training wheels good...or bad

    I got my son a PW50 last weekend and he loves it, with the training wheels (tw) on that is. I started him out in the back yard w/out tw's and that didn't work out so well. It started to frustrate him to the point of near shutdown so I gave up and got on the back and rode around with him for a little bit. He still has tw's on his PEDAL bike so the balance isn't there yet. The next day we all went out riding so I put the tw's on for him to be able to ride on his own w/out help. It was absolutely friggin awesome watching him tear it up. Because of the weight shift onto the tw's when he would turn, the back wheel would rooster and spin around and he was loving it, plus it looked BA seeing the little dude tear it up. Could have died a happy man seeing how aggressive he was getting after it. Seemed to have ok throttle control and braking too. The best part was when he crashed into a bush and flipped it over then got right up and wanted to go again. So anyhow, my friends (and wife) are saying keep him off the tw's so he can learn. I say it's a lot to learn throttle, brake, balance and mechanics all at once. Plus, he has a blast with them on, and gets frustrated right now with them off. What's the consensus out there? Let him enjoy the tw's for awhile, until HE is ready? or keep them off and make him learn if wants to enjoy it?