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  1. I would have to agree that Ron Paul would make an excellent president if he ever got elected.
  2. jorgealarcon

    It's not always California

    Pissing off the "wrong people" is going to happen whether by intention or not. Concerned citizens have to act to get these officials out of government so they quit banning so many worthy things that many of us take for granted. __________________________________ George Alarcon georgesalarcon@yahoo.com http://www.cheapairfare.vg
  3. Solar power can be one solution but more people must jump in order to make a sizable difference
  4. jorgealarcon

    what would you do?

    I would choose to go with the '76 vehicle and just pay for the body work and whatever else it requires. I think it would be worth it once it's ready. And I think you'll be more satisfied with this choice. ___________________________________________________