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  1. Ok thanks to the guys that are actually useful i believe that i got what i need thanks again
  2. where can i find a online service manual for my 09 450?
  3. My 08 crf
  4. i found a set of 08 crf450 rims and a local classified ad they are a pro wheel set (black and red) the front rim is missing several spokes and the rear im told is still good there asking 400bucks. i only really need a rear wheel set soo i though i would ask if there worth buying or if they will even fit heres some pics thanks
  5. ok thanks
  6. will a rear wheel set from a 05 crf450r fit on my 08 crf250r ?
  7. great video man love the track looks like good times
  8. this is on a game camera isnt it lol
  9. my 08 crf250r pretty much stock nothin crazzy
  10. yupp thats what im lookin for thanks alot
  11. does anyone no what the stock jet numbers are and what the neddle setting is ?
  12. bike looks awsome great pics
  13. sweet bike man its comin along nicely