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    Where are all the old timers?

    Smacaroni thanks for the shot. Bike has no kill switch, no key switch. only a stop light switch, head lamp switch, and dipper switch. No loose extra wires, and it ran like this in '82. Wish my memory would have held up as good as the Beezer did.
  2. Binford

    Where are all the old timers?

    New old timer here. First ridden bike was '64 honda CL72. Unless I can count the two Doodle bugs and Ward's Wakakkiki? Silver pigeon scooters riden when I was young. Had a Sunbeam S-7 but never got it to run. Sold it 5 years ago. Also had a '46 harley 45. Bought that just to ride a side shift. Tore it all apart to restore--sold it in boxes in '99. Bought the Honda when stationed in Colorado in '66. Actually sold it in the 70's. Next was a '70 Moto Guzzi 750 Ambassador, sold 3 years ago. Wife bought a new Guzzi V50 in '80, sold that 2 years ago. Bought the BSA 441 Victor in late 70's in boxes. Put it together, got it running and rode it two-maybe three miles. My then 11 year old son rode in '82. He's retiring now. We could have walked the miles ridden in fewer steps than the kicks required to get it to run that far. Trying to get it running again to sell. Now the question. I can't remember if this has a switch, none shows up on the wiring schematic , can't find one, How the heck did we shut it off when we finally got it running?