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  1. Dark Pony

    Noob here, Honda CRF450X question

    Going to look at it today...I found a good thread on here about what to look for , and if anyone else has any input, it's greatly appreciated!
  2. Dark Pony

    Noob here, Honda CRF450X question

    Seems to be in good condition. I'm trading a wave runner for it. He says he has no one to ride with and never uses it anymore and his wife wants a wave runner..lol. I'll look around on info tho!
  3. First off I'm a noob from Oregon ....I have a chance to pick up a 2006 Honda CRF450X but wanted to get some input from you guys. Are they spendy to maintain, reliable, etc....any input good or bad is greatly appreciated on this. Going to look at it tomorrow. Thanks guys...