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  1. saddog

    Ransburg life after OHV

    Excellent observation.
  2. saddog

    Silverwood Lake ride pics

    Nice pics tp3.
  3. saddog

    Downhiller's at Mammoth Bar

    Laughed so hard I wet myself. Careful Fester, I'd miss your outlandish humor. Peace out brother
  4. saddog

    So Cal riding and video,...

    Nice vid, great sound track. I've got hours of footage from my helmet cam and no skills to post it!
  5. saddog

    Merry Christmas

    Had a very merry one Fester. Now to get ready for New years. Cheers.
  6. saddog

    High Lonesome Trailride

    God's country. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing..
  7. saddog

    ESP Suspension???

    Been giving George my suspension for 27 years(did I just say that). He is also very good with any other grief you are having, "ie" motor trouble, jetting and all around bike set-up. Knows his stuff.
  8. saddog

    Wake Up and smell the closures!

    Wayne, I, for one, appreciate all your efforts. Please continue with all your hard work. We are only human. I always read your posts and know it's the off-roaders gospel. Thank you! Scott
  9. saddog

    Gorman 12/9

    I only say this in an attempt decrease the # of riders in Gorman. Like I said before gorman is horrible and even more so after it rains.
  10. saddog

    Gorman 12/9

    Rode there today. It was horrible. Way to many riders and all the trials suck. Don't go to Gorman after it rains. No fun what-so-ever. Stay home and do PS3.
  11. saddog

    CRC X-MAS GP sunday the 10th

    I figured out which track by your answer. LACR. Is that the only location CRC uses?
  12. saddog

    CRC X-MAS GP sunday the 10th

    What track, home fry.
  13. saddog

    2003 WR250 in California....Red/Green?

    I've got one and it is red sticker. Can't say what would happen with an out of state bike. They are very particular here in the republic of Kalifornia
  14. I've saved that clip on a 3.5 floppy so I can watch it when I need a laugh.
  15. saddog

    Take a look at our opposition

    Very eye opening site. I've taken up the cross(so to speak) by helping out the Stewarts of the Sequoia with trail maintenance. That is a great way to enjoy the sport and give back.