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  1. AJ 450x

    2012 crf450x - No FI

    I had an 06 450x and could not steer the thing in the tight sigle trail. I now have a 2010 plated 450x and its a completley different bike. The frame change in 08 was a winner for me. I will keep my 450x until honda make a better honda. Ive had 11 hondas in my time and none of them have ever given me a headache and ive never had a problem i couldnt fix myself.. I know where i wil keep my money
  2. AJ 450x

    fmf q4 or power core 4

    Yeah sorry, factory 4.1 on my bike. My mate has the powercore 4 on his 2010 450r and yeah, its quite a bit louder.
  3. AJ 450x

    fmf q4 or power core 4

    Backfire usualy happens during a start up/stop. Should never happen while on the gas if your tuned correctly. I have a FMF powercore 4.1 and jetted to suit. "Trimmed" airbox mildly to about double the original opening on the top and it is a cracker now. Very responsive with no bog at all. I would not recommend cutting into the sides unless your doing motard or something, dont want to be throwing mud into the airbox. The workshop told me of an accelerator pump mod that they did also.. Dont know a lot about that one...
  4. AJ 450x

    Ignition key fail

    I hate when this happens... I went to the shed lastnight to investigate the issue. And there is no issue. I put the key in and ignition straight away every time. Im putting it down to a moisture problem during the pressure wash. I might switch over to the competition loom if this becomes a common fault. In the mean time i will be tracing all wiring and tapeing all relevant connections to prevent this occuring out on the trail. On a more positive note, i have just finnished a full top and bottom rebuild of an old 97 CR125 including replacing a few worn out gears. It started on the 3rd kick and ran through all gears smoothly. I am stoked as its the first ever attempt at a rebuild Happy days!! Cheers, ..AJ
  5. AJ 450x

    Ignition key fail

    Ok, looks like im on my own with this one. I'll post up my findings when i sort this issue out.
  6. AJ 450x

    Ignition key fail

    Hi all, After getting back from an epic weekend away on the 450x and giving it a good clean the key has decided to call it quits and not turn the ignition on. I can still hit the starter and it winds over no worries but no start up. The little red light on the speedo (electronic Australian version) does not light up. Has anyone elese had a similar problem? Bike is a 2010 build, Aus spec CRF450x And if it helps, it has been making a buzzing noise when running which sounds like a relay or something shorting out. The bike went fine all weekend and only now has this ever prevented me from starting the bike. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance for your help honda fans, pro on!
  7. AJ 450x

    the dreaded oil change...

    I still have to remove my bash plate to remove the oil filter...
  8. AJ 450x

    aftermarket exhaust comparison with hp numbers

    Thats a big claim i agree. Maybe with supporting mod's on 100% race gas.
  9. Have you considered changing your sprockets slightly to better suit your conditions? Looking for another 250cc or something bigger? The new KTM's are nice, but ive always been a big Honda fan. get a 450x 08
  10. AJ 450x

    aftermarket exhaust comparison with hp numbers

    Thanks for sharing, ive been curious about these numbers for a while now. Im assuming that they are all slip on systems and jetted to suit? Ive been thinking about getting a full FMF 4.1 system or Yoshi. I know the Yoshi would be the pick if i was chasing power but realy i just want to save a couple lb's with a nice exhaust note. Cant argue with the FMF quality and price really.
  11. AJ 450x

    New 450x rider from Aus.

    Cheers! The weather is cold too at the moment so its perfect conditions for the bike! Keep ya'l posted
  12. AJ 450x

    New 450x rider from Aus.

    OK. this one was taken on the mobile phone. Im still trying to get used to size on photobucket too And this is yesterday at home. Just need for my extra's to arrive (bash plate, case saver and radiator guards) and its time to get it dirty!!!
  13. AJ 450x

    New 450x rider from Aus.

    Thanks guys, Im also doing up an 97 CR125 and recently purchased some tools from Rocky Mountain. I must say i was amazed at the speed the items arrived at my door! Would you recommend them for exhausts and bike parts as well? The shipping charge wasnt too bad either. Im off to Oahu and Maui in 4 weeks and was thinking of getting a pipe over there, but maybe it wouldnt be any cheaper than here in Aus as its not on the US mainland. I'll keep an eye out but.
  14. AJ 450x

    Non-riders don't get it.

    Injury is a part of many sports. What sets our sport appart from the rest is the feeling of what we do. No other regular sport gives you that "free" feeling that you loose sleep over when you have been out of the sport for a while. A true rider will ride until they can phisicaly ride no longer. Over the years injurys start to stack up and the serious ones sit there in the back of your mind, but this can be a good thing. As you get older and start to have commitments like working to pay off the mortgage, kids or what ever, you can still get that feeling, although slightly dropping off the pace. Im speaking as someone who once had a spinal injury (yes i can still walk) and it does spook you a bit. But im still riding against doctors/parents request becuase its what i do. Its who i am. These days im happy to just get out there and have fun with my mates. I no longer have anything to prove or the need to take risks while riding. I think having a major injury gives you time to reflect on the important things, but it is never a time to stop riding. Heel up and come back a better and smarter rider. sorry for the long winded "rant" there...
  15. I got sick of waiting so i just bought one new last week. 2010 compliance. If EFI comes out next year then thats great, but i prefer carb on an enduro bike. MX bike im all for it as its just a short roll back into pit if there's an issue. Not so easy 100 miles from no where...