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    Suzuki TS200RM Rebuild

    Cool, I appreciate it! I did happen to find a shop in Ontario that when I called them they knew exactly what I need and should be shipping them over night to me in a couple days. If anyone else would like the number for this shop let me know and I will find it and post it for you!
  2. crmsinraven

    Suzuki TS200RM Rebuild

    Thanks alot HARV! I was afraid the thread might be dead! Thanks for the advice on getting parts. I picked this bike up in a trade that literally cost me $0 USD so you can imagine how excited I am. Unfortunately when I got it the jug needed to be bored to fit a new piston (which the bike came with) after paying to have it machined I found I was missing some very key parts like the wrist pin and gaskets However besides that the bike is in amazing shape and its nice to have picked up such a cool and rare japanese bike without dishing out mounds of cash! I will try to get some pics up as I make the mad dash to get this repaired before August 21st for my off-road camping trip! It appears I spoke too soon! I cannot read French! I can look at the pictures on that site and give a list of parts I need but I can't see where it gives part numbers to reference when talking to a suzuki dealer. If I look through and give you (because im guessing you can read French) would you be able to give back part reference numbers for me to call the dealer with?
  3. crmsinraven

    Suzuki TS200RM Rebuild

    Hi there! I recently got a 1992 ts200rm I was hoping you guys doing rebuilds could point me to a website where I can order engine parts for it in the US. My local spots don't have the ability to order any parts and I am needing cylinder gasket, head gasket, and a rod for it. Thanks a bunch!