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  1. Anyone have the valve lash numbers handy? Thanks
  2. Welded the frame around right footpeg bolt holes and ground flat, drilled out and replaced bolts. Uni filter.
  3. Burned has a dyno of a xr650r turning out 63 horsepower at 5000 feet- that makes me think 70+ is possible.
  4. I have been practicing a bit more on the bike and I have noticed that it stiffens up the faster you are going.... I am going to try .47 forks and 10.5 shock. Don't want to stiffen it too much and ruin the high speed ride.
  5. Just got a BRP- I rode it at my practice area and was bottoming out pretty bad- any thought on spring rates? I race expert/desert/gp ish and weigh about 220... I checked out this site http://borynack.com/XR650R/xr650r_forks.htm looks like good advice but I hate to be undersprung....