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  1. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    Yea I worded that wrong. I figured out the other problem, but now Ive got it on after I tighten it some it doesnt fully make the clutch engage. When I pull in the clutch lever it has tension now but doesnt make the clutch fully engage...
  2. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    Im installing a new clutch cable and can't get it tight enough to even get any play in it. Even after I tighten the cable end adjuster all the way and nothing still... please help me!!!!
  3. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    Yes I replaced the stock pads with sintered. I cleaned the brake with brake cleaner but didnt grease it, I did push it back to make room for the new pads so could that be the reason for the noise? It doesnt make a noise when I push it or spin the back wheel, only when I ride it.
  4. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    When I gas it you can hear the chain rub or make a noise... Im missing a bolt to the chain slider up top so it sounds like it slaps some times... Im think either it has to do with the chain or the back brake rotor... it almost sounds like it rubs at times
  5. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    I just checked the rear brake pads... Its still making a noise... Its definitely coming from the rear axle area or chain... It happens when I get on the gas
  6. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    What do I need to do to fix it now? My brother mentioned something about that clip too... so Its a pretty good guess its that.
  7. CRF450rRyder

    Help please!

    I just replaced the rear brake pads... back sprocket and chain. I noticed a noise coming from the rear of the bike.. Its not a rubbing sound, more of like a metal on metal sound but not constant. Could this be coming from the rear brake since I just replace the pads, or would anyone have any idea? Thanks