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  1. t_bois

    Colorado Riding

    Nobody really has said this, but here in the front range (Colorado Springs area) there are a number of places to ride that are not too far that are also nice if you've never been to Colorado. The down side is if you hit them on a weekend or holiday, they are way to crowded. If you camp this side of Taylor Park (Buena Vista/St Elmo area) you can ride Tin Cup pass and several other trails and the girls can go the the hot springs to swim. Instead of Fairplay, I'd probably camp at Eleven Mile. There are a lot of areas north that not too far from there and Eleven Mile has showers, electric hook ups, lots of hiking, fishing, etc. I guess no matter where you go there is a lot to see. One thing that you need to understand is that the weather at the higher elevations can really change within hours. You can get snow above timber line any time of the year. Some people get head aches or worse (usually older or non-athletic people but not always) at the higher attitudes if they are not use to it. You just need to understand, be aware, and adjust as needed. I really think no matter where you go you will have a great time, there is so much to do and see.
  2. t_bois

    Colorado Riding

    The gas octane being lower is because of the altitude. Some idiot came up with the ideal that there is less air here in Colorado because of the altitude, which requires less octane to equal the same effect at sea level. You will need to find a place that sells racing fuel to get 97 octane. For a non-turbo engine it seems to work, but I hate the concept. When it's 90 plus degrees, I would rather a higher octane in my bike.
  3. Yo how far eeast of black forest do live?


    1. 7350livin



      I'm east of Meridian Road north of Falcon. How about you?

    2. t_bois


      Just off county line 3 mi east of 83. Is your bike plated?

    3. 7350livin


      You're not too far away. I'm at the east end of Hodgen.

      Yeah, mine is plated. I'm looking for new tires before I head out too far.

  4. I'm still around and still have my pig. Didn't get much riding last year but would like to change that this year. 7350livin if you are still around, lets talk, we can start a new thread.
  5. So I bought a rear JR sprocket for my 96 xr600r that was listed as the correct sprocket. I went to put it on and guess what?? The bolts I currently have are not tapered. So, is this just a simple fix of buying a new set of tapered bolts (as long as the holes in the sprocket are on the correct center, and the diameter of the bolts are the same, I should be OK)? If so why are the ones I have now not tapered? I'm replacing an aluminum sprocket with a steel one.
  6. t_bois

    Starting 4 strokes

    A side kicker? I never understood how you guys could kick a bike over without falling over or have the bike fall on you.
  7. t_bois

    Starting 4 strokes

    The throttle on a 4 stroke should remain closed while you are kicking as well. I can let my XR600 sit all winter and it will still start in the spring on 2 or 3 kicks.
  8. t_bois

    No compression

    If I had a buck for every time I heard "It's just a minor adjustment", It just needs a tuneup", "It ran fine before I parked last fall", "I just rebuilt the motor, but the carbs just need to be adjusted".
  9. t_bois

    Goggle Recommendations

    Try telling your eyeballs to stop breathing so hard.
  10. I'm going to tell you this just once; the boss is always right. Even though he may by a dxxx head, he still is the one that signs the time card. Get your experience in, learn as much as you can, and once you have a bit of a reputation for fixing things others can't, someone that shows up when you are suppose to, someone that will work late when it's needed, I doubt he'll say much about you buying a few tools. However, if he does, and you don't like him, at least you'll have an easier time finding another job when you tell him to take this job and shove it.
  11. t_bois

    how to increase the value of my bike?

    Don't ride it and keep it inside, covered. After about 50 years you'll most likely be able to sell it for more than you paid for. The trade off of how much money you get when you sell as to how much enjoyment you get when you ride.
  12. t_bois

    Dang plastic

    Use locktite only when the bolt threads into metal. If it threads into plastic, don't use locktite. Also, do not overtighten the bolt to the point where you've crushed the plastic and always use a washer under the head of the bolt. If you need to hold the plastic inplace and the hole in the plastic has been enlarged, sandwich the plastic between 2 washers.
  13. t_bois

    Do I need an inner or outer spoke?

    How true is the wheel? Tap the rest of the spokes to see how many are loose or broken.
  14. Turbo City makes a wind screen.
  15. t_bois

    spoke ?

    I would spring for the new spokes. Spokes do stretch over time. Can you do it, yea, but I think it would be easier to true up the rim when you're using a new spokes, and I think it with stay truer longer.