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  1. racesla

    Beta demo this weekend

    Will be at the afternoon session in Idaho next Saturday. Have fun this weekend.
  2. I can get non ethanol 91 octane here in Montana at Exxon and sinclair.
  3. My first question would be, is this a stock, non higher compression engine? And if so why are you running 97 octane? Octane itself does not boost horsepower in an engine. Octane is the measure of a gasoline’s ability to resist knocking or pinging during combustion. Higher octane fuel allows a high performance, high compression engine to run without knocking. High octane fuel runs cooler and burns slower. Which in a higher compression engine is important to keep the fuel mixture from igniting too early. Engine knock is caused when the fuel mixture ignites too early, often before the spark plug has fired. Knock often presents itself when there is an increase in engine RPM and cylinder combustion chamber pressures are also increased. The higher the cylinder pressure, the more likely the engine will knock. In a stock engine high octane fuel burns to slow (leaving unburned fuel) and cool, thus degrading the engine performance. Stock compression engine - go back to 91 octane fuel, or you can run VP MR 12 oxygenated fuel which will give you a boost in power.
  4. racesla

    speedo recomendation for 2018 KTM 300xc

    Trail Tech all the way.
  5. racesla

    What's wrong with this bike !?

    They do on 05 CRFs. The 250s were notorious for it. Sometimes less that 20hrs on the head, mine was about 40hrs. But it also happened on the 450s. Is has to do with the stock (soft) titanium intake valves. They could and would close up very quickly. Mine went from running great one day, next morning a bit hard to start on short ride, next day wouldn't start at all. Backfire, same symptoms as yours. A few people I know got a few more hours of riding with simming but that was it. "Shim and sale" was something you heard about back then on CRFs. Sadly the fix is head rebuild with stainless steel Kibblewhite intake valves kit. Check out the forms on the CRF Only site.
  6. racesla

    YZ250X killed my Rekluse RadiasX

    Great clutch, but the must be adjusted correctly. Don't listen to closed minded nimrods.
  7. racesla


    I have a EarthX ETX12A in my Beta 430. Still starts my bike when it's 15 below here in Montana. So yes love this battery. Also superlight compared to the stock battery. Checked out the the specs on the Shorai LFX07L2-BS12. For the money looks like a good choice. Also lightweight.
  8. racesla

    Do They Need Aldon?

    LukeYZ426f You are a F***ing loser!!
  9. racesla

    Shinko 505 Cheater

    Run the 120 505 on my 430. Great tire on steep, rocky, and wet terrian. Not so sold on the newer version (compound) of the GT 215AA
  10. racesla

    Triple crown format

    Really disliked the format.
  11. racesla

    Anyone Riding a Stock 2018 TX300

    Never had an issue with the Lectron on my 300 XC-W, nor anyone else I know with a Lectrons. Set it once and go. Runs beautifully. Much better gas mileage. I ride from 3k to 10k here in Montana.
  12. racesla

    Keihin PWK 36 float valve seat question

    I dropped them down a couple mm yesterday and it was still leaking. I'm going to really take a close look at everything and make sure the floats aren't hanging up someplace. I did notice there's little bit of junk in the bottom of my gas tank so I'll take the petcock off and give it a good flush.
  13. racesla

    Keihin PWK 36 float valve seat question

    Yeah i didn't even think about the floats sticking. I'll get a filter and a sharp drill bit today. Thanks
  14. racesla

    Keihin PWK 36 float valve seat question

    No it doesn't have a filter. I did hear about the drill bit trick. I was worried about mucking up the seat. Thanks
  15. racesla

    Keihin PWK 36 float valve seat question

    hassy, Glad you said that about the seat. I was trying to wrap my head around how the rubber tip of the needle could wear out the brass seat. A guy in the sevice department at the local Honda/KTM shop told me that. As far as I could see the seat looked fine. Also the 6.5mm on the float height sounds much more in the ballpark to where mine is set at. I'll check it tomorrow. I first noticed the leaking when I was swaping main, and pilot jets. When I would screw the drain plug back on and turn the fuel on the fuel would start to pour out the bottom drain hose, and the one on the right side of the carb. After I would start the bike it would quite. But then I noticed it leaking when I was out riding when I stopped for a sec and I looked down and it was leaking then also. Plus since I got the bike one of the first thing I remarked about, was how bad the fuel economy was. Which makes sense if the fuel is poring out as I ride. Is there anything beside to high of a float level that would be causing the fuel to flow out the hoses? I thought the bike was jetted kind of odd when I got it. It came from sea level in Texas. I'm at 4,500 feet in Montana so I figured it would be running a bit rich. It had the stock main jet, 40 pilot, but the clip on the needle was on the number one, leanest top position. Thanks for the info.