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  1. Dogtooth

    2014 EXC valve shims different?

    So valve shims in, confirms that the 2014 exc uses 8.90mm valve shims. All my valves seem to be tight so replaced all according. Don't know if it's just me or I haven't been on it in a little while seem to be running real good. Responsive, even when it was really warmed up. I felt it was lacking before or mabe it's just in my head.
  2. Dogtooth

    2014 EXC valve shims different?

    Well I ordered the kit that was stated will fit my machine 8.90mm, the fiche on many KTM part stores seem to be wrong showing 10mm. KTM USA site shows the 8.9 as stated above and they have an * on various parts including springs, intake valve, retainers and shims stating that these are new for this model year. Seems I can't utilize the harley/buell shims if I needed them locally. Wonder why they changed these valve train parts?
  3. Dogtooth

    2014 EXC valve shims different?

    Sorry needed to mention its a 2014 500 exc..
  4. I just checked my valves on my 2014 EXC at 15 hours and I have a intake valve that's on the tight side of the scale more like 0.09mm. So I wanted to order a shim kit, looked it up and it states I need a 8.90mm OD shim kit. Looked it up on the a oem ktm fiche and shows D=10. Prior years 2012 and 2013 it comes up with the 10mm kit. We'll the easiest way is to pull it and check. But I wanted the kit on hand before I go back in there. Can anyone verify if it's 8.90 or 10mm shim for the 2014?
  5. Dogtooth

    Other rear master cylinder options?

    I'm looking into moding my rear master. I was woundering how much travel does the crf master gives you over stock?
  6. Dogtooth

    320 caliper relocation bracket

    I just order a pow02 bracket and stx55d from and online retailer, was way cheaper than monstrano and they had free shipping.
  7. I got a little more info using search, is there any other oem model bike that cables be used on the drz400? My old cables a due for a change, as I'm rebuilding everything over. Since i might upgrade the carb, I just want a set of cables that I can easily order through any oem manufacture.
  8. Sorry if it's been asked, I have a 07 drz400sm model, and it needs new cables. I been thinking of running a FCR mx kit. Is it better to run the old type e model cables. I have installed these before by accident for a friends bike, and realized that they where the wrong cables. I thought even though they where shorter, being aftermarket I thought that's way they came. So looking at installs, and setups. Would these cables work better?
  9. Dogtooth

    will a katana master cylinder improve my braking?

    Looks like a caliper off an 2006 and up R6....where did you get the caliper bracket? I know those won't fit a spoked wheel.
  10. Dogtooth

    faster usa shout out

    It was an error on their part? Or did they not know the set up? I just ordered rad hubs and spokes (from a different vendor) just wondering, if I will run into the same issue...
  11. Dogtooth

    What are the leading causes of stator failure?

    I thought I would add about a upgraded RR. A friends 06 gsxr which uses a SCR shunt type RR. Had a fired stator, I replaced the stator with a OEM and upgraded the RR as a PM. I have read multiple topics on this on gixxer sites. I also upgraded his RR to a MOSFET type which is the one in the above post, also found info on gixxer sites. You can find this RR on the old model Yamaha R1's. These units are big and could be an eye sore to look at depending on the location placed on a DRZ. The late model CBR I believe uses a much smaller unit but getting the right connectors is a mission. I went with the R1 unit because they are much easier to find at the time, cheaper and they sell the kits to install them on this website. http://easternbeaver.com/Main/Elec__Products/Connectors/R_R_Connectors/r_r_connectors.html I have gotten my info from this Triumph forum http://www.triumphrat.net/speed-triple-forum/104504-charging-system-diagnostics-rectifier-regulator-upgrade.html Which is a good read.
  12. Dogtooth

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Did you get your graphics done by drippinwet?
  13. Dogtooth

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    I have the same shorai pictured above and have had no issues with it. I had once flooded my engine and this thing would crank consecutively for a long time with no change in crank speed. One of the best purchases I have made. I've had it installed since February.
  14. Dogtooth

    Footrest Bracket Bolt

    I'm hoping its a 10x1.25, or i would have to fab one up to what ever pitch is going to be, which is not what i want to do since the premade bungs and tapped straight on a lathe. Thanks for the reply
  15. Dogtooth

    Footrest Bracket Bolt

    For a wr250r/x, I'm using the brackets/bolt assembly for another motorcycle which has a broken peg mount and need to know what size threaded bung to order. I plan on welding it through the frame and making it a replaceable item.