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  1. rich909

    White CRF150 and CRF450

    Those white Plastics look clean. Looks like Glamis. I know the 450r is a 2005 and the graphics are 2007. What brand and year plastics are those. How do you like the plastics so far? I just picked up a 2006 450r that could use some new plastics.
  2. rich909

    Help with Recall

    Thanks guys. I will check with another dealer in my area.
  3. rich909

    Help with Recall

    I asked my local dealer if they could do the recalls and they said yes to the swingarm but no to the cam due it expiring in March. Anybody have any info. or ideas on getting the cam done under the recall or am I stuck paying for it out of my own pocket. By the way the service advisor said that the cam recall only affected certain bikes and they would only do it after failure. I told him that my bike was one of the certain bikes based on my vin and that it was not a queation of it happening but when. He didn't seem to want to help any further.
  4. rich909

    White CRF150 and CRF450

    THose white plastics look sweet!!!
  5. rich909

    Help with Recall

    Hello everyone. I bought my son a 2007 Honda CRF150RB back in January 2007 vin ending in K003483. It was a little too much bike for him as he was only 10 and it gets very little use. I just noticed their was 2 recalls for the cam and swingarm. When reading the cam recall notice it stated that the campaign was ending March 2010. I never received any recall notice and I changed adresses soon after I bought the bike. Any suggestions on getting the cam recall done even though I'm past the notice. I'm planning on taking it in for the swingarm. Thanks, Rich