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  1. Patrick644

    Husqvarna 2014 and forward... Or life after BMW.

    Yes, I can and do blame BMW. For killing off Husqvarna. And for killing off MZ. And for making cars and bikes for fat people. If you have a conscience, read http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quandt_%28Familie%29 about the family who own BMW. After German re-unification, BMW used its influence with the governmant to ensure that the East German MZ bike maker would have to close down, as it was the only off-road bike still left. The largest German paper Die Welt has just come out with a long article describing how BMW mismanagement was the ultimate cause of Husky´s demise and now, all that´ s left is Schickelguber´s factory in Austria.
  2. Patrick644

    Big shake-up at Husqvarna Italy... look out KTM!

    AND ... the German press has just announced that BMW have replaced their head of motorcycle design (the man who gave us the Beemer scooters and that roofed over BMW scooter that only lasted a year. It´s not Husky that needs new management ... but there´s not much you can do about BMW.
  3. I sincerely hope that you are right! ... and also hope that they don´t drift off into cashing in on their history with all manner of slightly camp "retro" machines (like the Brits have done with their imitation "scamblers").
  4. Patrick644

    HSQ 650 Baja "Concept" on display in NY

    Paaa.... thetic!
  5. Patrick644

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    As rjdenya says, you just have to remove the O2 sensor, insert the plug to close the hole and plug in the new resister. You will then most likely find that your idle is too fast, so use the small spanner in the tool box to reduce the idle. Think you´ll then find that the power surges have disappeared, that it no longer dies on you and that starting in any weather is no longer a problem. The icing on the cake is then the play around with the jd/iBeat, twin Arrows or even a single pipe. `Tis up to you.
  6. Patrick644

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    Don´t think the "maze" (or the alternative "hedgehog spikes") are meant to direct air flow. Their main function seems to be to provide air space between the airbox lid and the filter. So removing them isn´t doing much good and could even lead to less air flow. The main bottle neck is the snorkle at the back which is the only source of air intake. You can see that this is the case when you remove the lid and see the black smudge on the filter. Not that much air gets to the rest of the filter surface.
  7. Patrick644

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    My 630 had exactly the same old problems when new. Got a new EFI with the twin Arrow pipes and disconnected the sensor. T´was a great improvement. Then fitted a frame on the airbox and opened it up. Got the JD tuner and (eventually) found out how it worked (I´m not all that clever with electrickery). That was the next great power surge. Am very satisfied that I didn´t have to deal with iBeat (which wasn´t even available for the 630). The JD enables me to experiment (quickly and efficiently). It´s under the seat, so can be as fugly as it needs be. It´s small and unobtrusive ... and WORKS!
  8. Patrick644

    Top Speed

    `Tis true! Did the same to my CCM just after I´d powered it up by converting it to 710cc. The 630 is a good compromise but I wouldn´t run mine at Vmax for any length of time on the German Autobahn (no speed limit). If you want to do that, Huskys and Bergs are NOT the right bikes.
  9. Patrick644

    Why is everyone selling their Husky

    Performance off-road or SuMo bikes like Husqvarna and Husaberg take more punishment and therefore need more servicing than every day commuter road bikes. Shorter intervals for oil change and complete overhauls are often necessary. So don´t buy one if you don´t take advantage of their specific capabilities. Husqvarna has now come up with a series of bikes in their range that offer a compromise of increased reliability together with superior performance. Get one of these. Or ... get yourself an HD and enjoy the worst of both worlds ... low performance and high maintenance costs.
  10. Patrick644

    Why is everyone selling their Husky

    One reason for people selling practically new Huskies is hardly ever mentioned as it´s a bit personal. A Husqvarna is a typical bike that´s bought for the thrill and the aura of owning a high performance machine. But a large number of inexperienced bikers then realize that they´ve bitten off more than they can chew and then try and rid themselves of their scary new toy.
  11. Patrick644

    Husqvarna reliability!?

    Almost all the other people I ride with (against) haver KTMs (or a few have Husabergs). Apart from Gas Gas, no other makes are competitive. Husqvarnas are by far the most reliable. But these are ALL bikes built for a specific purpose and with very little oil capacity. If you want a reliable street bike, think you´ll have to go Japanese (a fate worse than death ...)
  12. Patrick644

    Empty the tank before removal?

    There are TWO petcocks on my (EFI) Husky 630. One on each side of the tank that are connected by a fuel hose that have to each be turned off to stop fuel escaping before the tank can be removed. This is also explained in the manual.
  13. Patrick644

    Empty the tank before removal?

    There MUST be a petcock under the tank (or maybe two ... one on each side) that can be turned off. I´ve never yet seen a bike without them. Fuel should normally be turned OFF whenever the bike is stopped. `Tis a good habit as it stops the carbs from flooding and fuel in the cylinders, sump etc. is not good news.
  14. Patrick644

    new husqys?

    In Germany??? Husqvarnas are made in ITALY!!!! (The only nation that can still make real bikes). And why shouldn´t he get it straight from the manufacturer if that´s what he wants (in the `land of the free´)? He could have it checked out by a certified mechanic before registration. Of course it´d certainly be VERY expensive. Terra Modena (most likely the Rolls Royce of SM) http://www.terramodena.com/Web%20Pages/Moto/Exp%20Supermoto%20WC.html only export direct to customers.
  15. Patrick644

    SM630 questions, race mode?

    The German import agent Zupin answered my query stating that the p/u kit and/or installation of the twin Arrow slip-ons with their ECU would NOT invalidate warranty.