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  1. hi, what does this mean when a 2 stroke motorcycle bogs at low rpm but revs fine and doesn't bog or hesitate when choke is fully on? i have cleaned my carby out 3 times, adjusted the airscrew and needle clip positions but still have no luck, it just all of a sudden started bogging and sometimes it would creep upto idle 3000rpm when normal idle is 1250rpm, could the flywheel side crankcase seal be causing it to run lean and bog?
  2. motogp rider Marco Simoncelli killed during 2011 sepang race, you will be surely missed by the motorcycle community, a tragic loss for such a young life http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2011/malaysia+sepang+motogp+simoncelli+succumbs+to+injuries
  3. hi, i have a aprilia rs125 2005 model full power 2 stroke road bike, it has developed a bog, i cleaned the carby out twice and no luck i've adjusted the air screw still no luck and i have changed the needle clip position still nothing it starts easily hot or cold, but when i use choke it revs really good no bog with choke on any help would be appreciated in fixing this italian beast:ride:
  4. HUGHES00

    crf450 forks on crf250

    hi will 2004 crf450r forks fit onto a 2005 crf250r using the stock crf250r tripple clamp?
  5. im pretty sure thats just sand blasted because when mine where sand blasted for powder coat they looked the same also if you can find out what grade of grit of sand was used to sand blast them
  6. more pics of my purple powder coated cases and parts and this isn't a dull plain purple you should see it in the sun it glitters Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. HUGHES00

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    my crf250r built/modded by me Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. well i just finished my crf250r full rebuild yes these are purple with glitter powder coat Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. i did take the top end off the valves never hit the piston and there are no scratches in the bore, i cannot move the crankshaft due to a large bronze metal piece which is wedged between the crankshaft and case,
  10. hi, could someone tell me every single part i'd need for a new crankshaft installment on a 2005 crf250r as my old crankshaft seized up on me. i would like to know what parts i would need like seals, bearings, crankshaft, gaskets and any other parts just to replace the crankshaft (if u could make a list of the parts needed thanks) thanks Mark
  11. ok thanks guys, i will use 100% synthetic double ester motul 800
  12. hi, whats better for hardcore mx racing castor or synthetic oil? which would offer better protection for the engine as i will be racing a 2011/2012 sx250 in the open A class and i don't mined cleaning the power valves out,
  13. HUGHES00

    2012 KTM's 2 stokes CONFIRMED with LINKAGE

    i wonder what spring rates they will now use in the 2012 sx250 now? hopefully its heavy as the 450/350. i herd alot of people that use the 2011 sx250 for mx say its to soft
  14. yea i love the smell of castor and i have been using it in my cr125 and haven't fouled a plug cause its always being revved out on the mx track lol, and i know it makes the powervalve cavities get some goo used black castor on them but it offers better protection for what im going to use the bike for motocross
  15. hi, can you use castor 2 stroke oil to run in a brand new 2011 sx250? (if i get one)