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  1. does anyone know a way to advance hours on a moose racing hour meter without running the quad? i would like to catch up on some prior hours without just using math
  2. burntolive50

    brakes... im at a loss

    well after countless exasperated sighs and angry grunts i finally got some compression. i took the caliper off the assembly and compressed/decompressed it several times... to my surprise i started to get pressure on my lever. then i proceeded to bleed as normal, presto works as advertised. thanks for the input guys i appreciated all the quick responses to my cry for help! now its time to
  3. burntolive50

    brakes... im at a loss

    (used 99kx250) i needed to fill my reservoir with more brake fluid and it was the first time since i got the bike that i needed to do it. since your not supposed to mix fluid types i drained the lines, when i went to open the master cylinder i found the screws were stripped so i easy outed them and went to my local cycle supply to get new screws. well after about an hour and a half to two hours trying to bleed the brakes with no progress i went to my trusted friend the internet to find out why... nothing, i couldnt find squat that helped me. so i went to auto zone to get the "myTvac" brake bleeding system. nothing... lines are bled but no caliper movement. im lucid at this point so im stopping for the night and am going to relax by the pool. any and all help is welcomed. PLEASE lol additional info: i have bled car brakes before so i know the process and i always made sure the master cylinder had fluid.