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  1. Jagerbom9

    Florida FSU- Tallahassee

    Hey guys, I am up here at FSU now, I was wondering if anyone rode that went to FSU and where they go to ride..
  2. Jagerbom9

    Cyrca Number Plates

    Yeah they do, and I will do that. Thank You.
  3. Jagerbom9

    250sx to big for me?

    Well, it depends on how well of a rider you are, and basically your mindset. If you are scared of a bike being too powerful, then don't get it. If you are a small kid, start beefing up and working out in the gym, and you won't have to worry about being too light or too weak.
  4. Jagerbom9

    Best mod for Low End Torque?

    Yeah mines an 07', and runs the same way. I have no problem with low end power. But, I guess if you are having a problem, just start checking all the simple stuff, Carburetor (If not EFI), Valves, and jetting. I know I have had problems in the past with power and bogging and it was usually one of those three things. I say before you go and buy some high performance pistons, check those, and make sure they are all setup right. Then if they are, and it still doesnt have enough power you can start upgrading the engine.
  5. Jagerbom9

    Coolent fluid

    I have not done this in a while,so correct me if I am wrong. There is a bolt on your frame, that looks like the trans oil check bolt, and that will drain the coolant fluid. You will have to check your manual to see where it is and if I'm correct. Engine Ice is a pretty notable brand to use for a replacement, or you can just stick to Honda coolant.
  6. Jagerbom9

    Cyrca Number Plates

    I just bought some Cyrca number plates for my 07' CRF 250R. The strap on top of the front number plate that wraps around the handle bar is too short, and even if it was the right length, there is nothing on the back of the plate to snap it in. Has anyone else had this problem? and how should I fix it? Thanks for your help, josh
  7. Jagerbom9

    GoPro HD: Josh Yagur-Bithlo MX

    haha Wow I totally forgot.. I added it, but here is the link
  8. Me riding at Bithlo MX in Orlando, Florida yesterday. First time using the GoPro HD helmet cam.
  9. Jagerbom9

    Tech 7 Replacement buckles

    Sweet!! Gotta love Alpinestar's customer service.
  10. I have never owned Fox boots, but I have owned two pairs of Tech 3's and although they are the low-end Alpinestar boot, they are awesome compared to many of the other boots on the market, regarding comfort and durability. The Tech 3 were so comfy, I really didn't mind being in them all day.
  11. Jagerbom9

    i need to go pro, advice?

    Yeah I agree. Its not that easy to go pro, otherwise there would be sooo many pro racers, as just about 80% of kids who ride dirtbikes desire to reach the professional ranks. Its a hell of a goal to achieve, but I guess its not impossible, just may take superb dedication and effort. I'm not one to say you couldn't do it, but it won't be easy. As we see this year, some of the fastest Amateur racers, who all smoke us at the Amateur races are having to work extremely hard to get top 10 in the AMA lites, and haven't achieved it in some cases. The leap from A class to Pro is immense, and its a completely different level of racing, that many couldn't even think about accomplishing. Keep working hard! You can only try. And, I say, if this is truly your PASSION and DESIRE, than try your best to fulfill that goal.. And I wouldn't suggest going straight to 450s. Start in lites. Thats even a bigger leap. Its not impossible though..You will just have to work pretty hard to achieve it. Best of luck to ya!
  12. Yeah thats true. Thats the way I am, I just wasn't sure which one was really the better boot. And I am sure the Tech8's are better than 7s it was just a money thing. A little cheaper, but still a really good boot.
  13. Jagerbom9

    Bike Wont kick start very easy :(

    It definitely is a valve issue..I used to have a problem kick starting my 07 250r a while ago, and after a quick valve cleaning my bike kicks after one time.
  14. Jagerbom9

    Tech 7 Replacement buckles

    Yeah they really do have good customer service when it comes to repairs. Can I purchase some red ones from them, without an issue? I plan on buying a new pair, just want to put on cool buckles.
  15. What about Sg-10s vs. Tech 7 vs. Fox F3R? I have been trying to decide which boot to buy aswell.