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  1. I have fervently searched for answers on this bike for over 2 years since I got the bike. Here goes: 2006 kx 250 bought with a new top end, performance reed valve, fatty pipe, and running 40:1. Ran great for 6 months then decided to foul plugs like crazy. The bike will idle on a new or cleaned plug all day but the minute crack open the throttle, the bike sputters out and dies. The plus is wet when pulled. Here is what I have done to try and correct the problem: cleaned carb inside and out multiple times rejetted to my altitude 6000ft. checked the spark on the magneto replaced spark plug cap checked the choke system for clogs checked the needle (not bent) and in 2nd position float level adjusted and checked rejetted several times air filter cleaned exhaust repacked brought it to multiple shops and they say there is no problem and that I jusdt need a new plus (have 13 now) checked the powervalve, not clogged piston and rings look good( top end fine) right side crank case seal replaced (did not fix the issue) used different gas from different pumps differnt premix oil switched to 50:1 ratio differnt riding style (when it would run on a new plug for a few minutes. on the pipe and not loading it) still didnt work. new transmission oil checked the voltage on all the pieces of the electrical system via a multimeter and a shop manual for specs AS YOU CAN TELL I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!! THE SHOPS DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WHY THE DAMN THING WONT RUN. PLEASE PROVIDE ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!!